Yakima Basin River Flow Information

Yakima Basin River Flow Information
Big Fish of the Month Club
Big Fish of the Month Club

Red's Power Hour Fishing Report
October - December 2006

The Power Hour Fishing Report is brought to you exclusively by Red's. The content of this report is not the generic "fishing has been good in the morning, and afternoons, and later in the evenings, too." Rather, when we go fishing, we will analyze one session and report the day, time, location, fly, number of fish caught, species, and size (if we caught any). We'll also write up the method we used. Keep in mind that the fishing report is based on a prior day's fishing and weather conditions.


Anglers: --

Location: The Lower Canyon

Flies: --

Time: 10:30 am

Results: River Report

We awoke this morning to heavy ice flow on the river. After having some good fishing this past week it is a little disapointing to have so much ice. The air temperatures predicted for the next couple of days are in the low teens, so we do not expect it to completely clear until Monday or Tuesday. The upper river around Cle Elum might be free of ice, so if you must get on the water you might give it a try up there. Don't be afraid to call us at the shop for an up-to-the-second report regarding the ice - sometimes it will burn off unexpectedly. Another option is to fish Rocky Ford, especially if you have never fished it before. It is a fun spring creek with some monster trout, so give us a call and we'll fill you in on all the juicy details.


Anglers: Steve and Banning

Location: Lmuma and Big pines

Flies: sz. 10 Gold Teeny Leech, sz. 10 Olive Wooly Bugger, sz. 8 Seal Bugger

Time: 11:00 - 4:00 pm

Results: 12 plus fish landed including Trout, Whitefish and Suckers

We decided to go out and do some swingin today, so we opted to leave the boat at the shop and just do some wade fishing. We started at Lmuma creek and hooked a few there but we did our best around the slab. With the gold Teeny Leech being our most productive fly. We swung pretty much the whole day. The river is in great shape right now. We at Red's wish everyone a merry Christmas and a happy new year!!!!


Anglers: Mike and Conner

Location: Rocky Ford Creek

Flies: sz. 18 Olive Scud, sz. 10 Olive Wooly Bugger, sz. 14 Peach Glo-Bug

Time: 12:00 - 3:30 pm

Results: 6 Rainbows landed (BIG) and several LDR's

It was a little too cold to fish the Yakima today, so we decided to hit the road and head to Rocky Ford. We got a bit of a late start but that was OK because the air temps were hovering around 20 degrees. We started fishing at the first bridge just downstream of the hatchery fence. We hooked and broke off several fish because we were using too light a tippet. After changing to a 7X fluorocarbon tippet, we were able to land one fish on an Olive Scud. We then decided to move downstream to the second bridge and try our luck. We changed our pattern to the Glo-Bug, and "OH BOY" did the fish like the egg. We managed to land another five fish. Steve and Banning are swinging some streamers today in select spots on the Yakima, and we will give you an update on this outing. The river is in good shape with a little shelf ice in spots. The current flow is about 1300 cfs. The weather is sunny but chilly with daytime air temps in the high 20's or if we're lucky the low 30's.


Anglers: Joe, Mike, and Conner

Location: Red's to Lmuma

Flies: sz. 8 Pat Stone, sz. 16 Pearl Lightning Bug, sz. 18 Brassie, sz. 4 Sculpzilla

Time: 1:00 - 2:30 pm

Results: 1 Rainbow landed (19") and 1 Whitefish

The fishing was so good the day prior that we dedided to try it again the next day. As you can see from the results, we didn't fair as well. The big rainbow was taken on the streamer. It rained hard most of the night here in the canyon and was raining equally as hard in E-burg this morning. We also had some high winds here at the shop this morning, but they have settled down for the moment. The rain has caused the river to be on the rise, and we are starting to see some change in the color. The current flow is 1400 cfs, and the graph is going straight up so there is a good chance that it could go out.


Anglers: Mike and Conner

Location: Big Horn to Umtanum

Flies: sz. 8 Pat Stone, sz. 18 Pearl Lightning Bug, WD-40 Black sz. 20, sz. 10 Braided Skwala Nymph, sz. 16 Gold Copper John, Sheila's Scuplin sz. 8

Time: 10:00 - 4:00 pm

Results: 12 plus Rainbows landed (12"-17") and several Whitefish

The good fishing from yesterday should follow suit and be active again today with the expected high to be a whopping 42 degrees! The streamers/swinging action was slower yesterday, but that might be a result of the good nymph fishing. Sometimes when the water temps jump up the fish will shift over to nymphs almost exclusivley, especially mid-day. There were a few midge on the water too, so keep your eyes peeled for risers in the spooky water. The fish will typically move in to the soft slick edges when they decide to start feeding on midge. It is pretty cool catching fish on dry flies out here in December. The warm cloudy days are the most ideal for that. The remainder of this week looks good for fishing, see you soon.


Anglers: Mike and Steve

Location: Lmuma

Flies: sz. 10, Seal Bugger, sz. 12 Teeny Nymphs, sz. 12 Double Beaded Skwala, sz. 10 20"er, sz. 18 RCJ, sz. 16-20 Lightening Bug, sz. 20 Brassie

Time: 2:00 - 4:00 pm

Results: 6-8 Trout landed (12"-17") and several Whitefish

The weather has warmed up enough (for the fish and the anglers!) to bring the fishing back around. Flows are stable around 1150 cfs, which is conducive to both wade fishing and floating. The prime fishing window is between 11:00 and 3:00, with nymphs and streamers (fished with a slow retrieve or on the swing) being your most productive option. We have not been seeing any dry fly Midge opportunites yet. The forecast through the weekend calls for highs near 40 degrees and cloud cover. We will be having our 2 Day Christmas Sale this weekend. Swing in and say hello - in addition to some great deals on retail gear, we'll also be blowing out some of our rental equipment (rods, reels, waders).


Anglers: Mike

Location: MP 20

Flies: sz. 16 Lightening Bug with a sz. 18 PT Dropper

Time: 3:00 - 4:00 pm

Results: 2 Hookups - none to hand

I took adavantage of a sunny afternoon to see if there might be hungry trout lying behind a couple of my favorite rocks. Don't let the sunshine fool you - it was still cold enough outside that I had a bit of ice in my guides once the shade set in (which was about 15 minutes after I got there!) - anyways, I didn't bring any fish in, but hooked a couple, saw some sheep, deer, and a bald eagle, and left feeling glad to have put my waders on and numbed my toes. I didn't swing any flies in this section, but will be getting around to that over the next couple of days. The weather is supposed to start warming up through this weekend, with high temps above freezing by early next week. We will be having a Christmas Sale at the shop next weekend (Dec. 9, 10 8:00 am - 4:00 pm). It's a good excuse to plan a winter fishing trip to the Canyon. Coffee will be hot, snacks served, and door prizes, including a guided fishing trip, will be given away.


Anglers: ......

Location: Red's

Flies: ........

Time: Noon

Results: River Conditions

We got a light covering of new snow last night and have approximately 4" or so here at the shop. Air temps over the last few days have been in the teens and currently are about 25 degrees with sunshine. The weatherman says that we are suppose to get into the 30's over the next couple of days. The river is in great shape and is currently flowing at 1250 cfs. Nymphing and streamers are the way to go if you decide to brave the weather and come fishing.


Anglers: Sue and Rod

Location: Lmuma and Umtanum

Flies: sz. 6 & 8 Olive Buggers

Time: 1:30 - 2:30 pm

Results: 6 Rainbows 12"-15"

We awoke this morning to a light covering of snow that was more ice than snow. By mid-morning it was pretty much gone, and we had some sunshine. We decided to work off some of that Thanksgiving dinner by doing a little wade fishing, and it was pretty darn good. We swung smaller more subtle olive buggers the entire time and had plenty of tugs besides the fish we landed. The river is in good shape and continuing to drop slowly. The flow is just over 1600 cfs with plenty of visibility.


Anglers: Steve and Rod

Location: Lmuma

Flies: sz. 8 Dark Stonefly nymphs, sz. 16 & 18 Red Copper John, sz. 16 & 18 Lightening Bug

Time: 1:00 - 2:00 pm

Results: 3 or 4 Rainbows 12"-15"

The river flows have been fluctuating back and forth a bit with each new rain shower and is currently at 1650 cfs and coming down. The river is in good shape and fishing pretty well. Nymphing or streamers is the best way to go right now. We didn't take the time to try one of our favorite techniques for this time of year, but we plan on swinging a streamer or two on our next time out of the shop. All of us here at Red's hope you and yours have a blessed "THANKSGIVING" holiday.


Anglers: --

Location: Red's

Flies: --

Time: 3:00 pm

Results: River Update

After taking another slight bump in flows from rain the past 2 days, the Yakima is once again on the drop and looking good. Visibility at the shop is 2'+, with flows around 2000 cfs. Bigger nymphs and streamers on the inside corners will likely be the best fishing strategy for the weekend. Water levels are great for floating with plenty of wading locations accessible. Three rod & reel set ups were found recently in the canyon. Please call the shop to identify them. We'll have a hot pot of coffee on if you do make it over!


Anglers: Steve, Ryan, and Rod

Location: Red's West

Flies: Citori 20 gauge #5 shot

Time: 9:00 am - 3:30 pm

Results: One chukar to hand

The poor water conditions the past couple of weeks have given us ample opportunity to pursue our other passion - wild bird hunting. This high water was just what Sadie and Sallie (the white dogs) had been hoping for to get us transitioned from the fishing mode into the hunting mode. We have leased over 15,000 acres of private ground for this season, and are very excited by the first round of scouting trips. We are now offering guided Chukar and Quail hunts through the end of the season. If hiking behind big running dogs in high desert country in pursuit of possibly the most challenging game bird that lives - the Chukar - is appealing to you, then give us a call. Chukar are the steelhead of bird hunting. You might work hard all day long to get one opportunity at a covey of Chukar. These birds live in difficult places to get at, run fast, fly faster, and bank sharply; yet watching the dogs point these birds and seeing and hearing a covey come off the ground at close range is something you will never forget.


Anglers: Gary, Cathy, and Mike

Location: Big Horn to Umtanum

Flies: Lots of Nymphs (Big and Small) and streamers

Time: 10:30 am - 2:30 pm

Results: A good thorough skunkin'

We got out and gave it a try, but we haven't figured things out... yet. We tried lots of different techniques in lots of different types of water, but didn't find any players. Water levels are fine at 2000 cfs, and visibility is OK at 2'+, but the fish just weren't on the bite. We'll keep trying. We did see lots of wildlife along the river and enjoyed some calm, pleasant weather. Instead of trying the river yesterday, we headed to Rocky Ford and had a decent day nymphing.


Anglers: .......

Location: .........

Flies: .........

Time: 8:30 am

Results: Coming back into shape today

Flows have continued to drop, and the clarity has increased to nearly 2' at the shop. Streamers and big nymphs on the insides should be the ticket.


Anglers: .......

Location: .........

Flies: .........

Time: 8:30 am

Results: Down but still out!

Flows are on the drop, but still have a long ways to go to being fishable - at this point the weekend is doubtful! It may be a good one to stay at home and get some chores done or go to a football game. Next weekend will be a better fishing opportunity.


Anglers: Pierce, Ken, and Johnny

Location: Ringer to Big Horn

Flies: sz. 6-10 Stonefly nymphs, sz. 16-20 PT's, sz. 18, 20 WD40's, sz. 16-20 RCJ's, sz. 16-20 BWO's & Emergers

Time: 10:30 am - 4:30 pm

Results: 6-8 Trout landed 12"-19"

With the cooler weather we've experienced over the past 3 days, the productive window for fishing has shortened. The morning has really slowed down, and we have been catching most of our fish between 11:00 am and 3:00 pm. Nymphing has been productive, but there have been some nice pods of fish feeding along the soft seams and foam lines on BWO's mid day. We did land a couple of beautifully colored trout in the 18"-19" window that were sporting winter colors and a scrappy attitude. The weather is supposed to warm up a bit ofer the next few days and we expect to see some productive BWO dry fly activity through the weekend.


Anglers: Doug, Bob, and Steve

Location: Umtanum to MP10

Flies: sz. 8,10 Stonefly Nymphs, sz. 20 Brassie, sz. 18 Lightening bug, sz. 18 Copper John, sz. 18-20 WD-40's, sz.14-16 BWO's

Time: 10:30 am - 4:30 pm

Results: More Good Nymph fishing!

There have been a number of days over the past couple weeks that have been spectacular as far as the weather and conditions go. Bright sun, blue sky, fall colors, and calm with a high in the mid 60's... we probably don't have too many of those days left this year, so we'll enjoy them for what they are! The BWO fishing will pick up with some cloud cover and colder temps - which we may be getting this afternoon. In the meantime run a shallow nymph rig and target the ledges and color changes. We just received our new Under Armor inventory in the shop, so drop by and take a look the next time you're over (if there's any left after our shop guys pick it over!).


Anglers: Jack, Al, and Mike

Location: Big Horn to Umtanum

Flies: sz. 8,10 Stonefly Nymphs, sz. 18 Lightening bug, sz. 18 Copper John, sz. 18-20 WD-40's, sz.14-16 BWO's

Time: 9:30 am - 4:30 pm

Results: Good Nymph fishing!

The nymph fishing throughout the day was pretty much what we have been seeing over the past few weeks. It was consistent with action throughout the day on both rainbows and whitefish. We were fortunate enough to be at the right place at the right time, 1:00 pm, and we were able to cast to some decent targets that were eating BWO's on the surface. However, the dry fly game is not what it can be, and we are still looking forward to it getting better. Over the last few days we have seen some beautiful fall weather here in the canyon. If you are headed this way with your boat, be prepared to bump a few rocks as the flows have dropped to just under 900 cfs.


Anglers: Jerry, Martha, and Steve

Location: MM 19 to Lmuma

Flies: sz. 6-8 Stonefly Nymphs, sz. 16-18 Lightening bug, sz. 18 Copper John, sz. 18-20 WD-40's

Time: 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Results: Good Nymph fishing!

After an hour or so of slow fishing when we put on, the fish got active and the nymph fishing remained steady the rest of the day. We had some hopeful cloud cover headed our way at lunch, but the sun came back out in the afternoon, and the fish that had started working slowed down. So instead of switching up and casting dries, we stuck with nymphs on the go and kept hooking fish. BWO's...Any day now...


Anglers: Greg, Wayne, and Leif

Location: Ringer to Umtanum

Flies: sz. 8,10 Stonefly Nymphs, sz. 14-18 Lightening bug, sz. 18 Copper John, sz. 18-20 WD-40's, sz. 18 Brassie, sz. 16,18 Para BWO, sz. 18 Sparkle Duns, sz. 18 CDC Emerger

Time: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Results: 8-10 Rainbows (10"-17") and one Whitie

The morning was slow yesterday, but things did pick up for us in the afternoon. We spent our day fishing a shallow nymph rig under an indicator, but there were a few fish eating BWO's in the afternoon - mostly after the shade stretched out over the water. We've had sunshine and highs near 70 degrees for the past week and a half now - which is perfect weather for being out, but not exactly what we'd like to see for the Fall BWO's. We really believe the best of the Fall BWO hatch is still ahead of us. Just wait until we get a string of a few cloudy, rainy days in a row...


Anglers: Bernard, Jennifer, and Steve

Location: M.P. 19 to Red's

Flies: sz. 14-16 Copper Johns, sz. 14-18 Lightening Bugs, sz. 18-20 WD-40's, sz. 18 Brassie, sz. 16,18 Para BWO, sz. 18 CDC Emerger

Time: 10:30 am - 3:30 pm

Results: 6 Rainbows (10"-17") and several Whitefish

Bright sunshine and blue skies have kept us focusing on the sub surface fishing tactics. There are a few fish sporadically feeding in spots, but overall it's still a nymphing game. The BWO rise is coming, but it needs help from a weather change with some cloud cover. In the meantime - run small bugs and don't run 'em too deep or you're going to lose a lot of flies!


Anglers: Danny, Shane, and Steve

Location: M.P. 19 to Red's

Flies: sz. 6 Root Beer Bugger, sz. 6 J&J Special, sz. 14-16 Copper Johns, sz. 14-18 Lightening Bugs, sz. 18-20 WD-40's, sz. 18 Brassie, sz. 16,18 Para BWO, sz. 18 CDC Emerger

Time: 10:30 am - 5:30 pm

Results: A half dozen Rainbows and LOTS of Whitefish!

We saw some activity on streamers, nymphs, and dries yesterday - although the nymph fishing was the most productive. There was a good BWO hatch that came off around 2:00 and lasted for a couple of hours. The Whitefish were particularly keyed in on nymphs and atypically feisty. We hooked several Whitefish that we thought were solid trout until we got them to the boat. The BWO rise should continue to build and get better as the weather cools a bit more. Conditions right now are conducive to catching fish using a variety of techniques and patterns - don't be afraid to switch it up!

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