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$35 Entry For a Super Fun Sporting Clays Tournament! - How could this event get any better?  How about a sporting clays tournament that makes you a "member for a day" on our private course!  The cost is only $35 and there will be all sorts of prizes, awards, and divisions inlcuding women, junior, and sub-juniors (13 and under)!  There will also be instant winners for hitting odd colored clay targets.  Meaning if you hit at least one target... you might win a prize!




Grand Prize RAFFLE Item! Sage METHOD 890-4 - If you are going to have a grand prize, make it a fly rod that can become an heirloom.  Even 20 years from now the Sage METHOD will still be among one of the finest fly rods ever built.  Period!  This 890-4 is perfect for making long difficult casts to steelhead, salmon, Bonefish, and other hard fighting critters.  Raffle tickets will be available for sale on the day of the event.  All proceeds go to support the Yakima Greenway's Kid's Fish-in Event!


PNW Fly Casting Championship -Last year's NON-PRO Division turned into a "sudden death" match in overtime between two solid NON-PRO casters!  This was a fun event and everyone enjoys watching the fly casting championship!


Guest Presenter at Red's Rendezvous V - Russell Miller - We are proud to introduce, Russell Miller, expert European Style Nymph fisherman and enthusiastic instructor.  We have never been more excited for a fishing clinic! Many of our staff are intrigued by ESN fishing and ready to learn.  Don't miss this show!

Russell is a member of the official United States Fly Fishing Team and works for Sage Fly Rods, Rio Products, and Redington Tackle and Apparrel.

Guest Presenter at Red's Rendezvous V - George Cook - There aren't too many folks in the fly fishing world more renowned than George Cook.  Did you know he got his start fishing the same waters that Red's does?  George has longtime expertise on all the local waters of the PNW especially the ones that hold big trout like Eastern Washington Lakes and many of the steelhead rivers.  We are thrilled to have George on the docket and looking forward to his seminars.


What are You Waiting For? "Ok, so you want to catch more fish... so you want to catch bigger fish... so you want to cast further... ok ok.  We get it.  Just come to the Red's Rendezvous and our team will help you GET 'ER DONE"  Read more...

Guest Presenter at Red's Rendezvous V - Brian Silvey - We are proud to introduce, Brian Silvey, owner of a year-round Oregon fly fishing guide service operated from his home in Maupin, Oregon.

Brian has spent 24 years as a fly fishing guide along the banks of the Deschutes and Sandy Rivers. He holds a degree in Fisheries Biology & Fisheries Management, has worked 28 years as a private and commercial Fly Tier, is a
Signature tier for Idylewilde Flies (some of which we sell at Red's!).

Brian also won the Best Of The West fly casting contest in Seattle
5 wt rod won with 102 ft cast in 1999 (that was with a single handed rod BTW!).

He is a great guy to spend some time with and we hope you take the time to chat with Brian about any and everything fly fishing related.  He is a super nice guy and you are sure to enjoy meeting him in person.








Dear Anglers,

Just like you we also believe in getting kids fishing at a young age.  That is why we have put a youth fishing program at the very front of our fundraising efforts for the Red's Rendezvous V this Saturday April 12th.  A local non-profit group, Yakima Greenway, spearheads this event every year and we want you to help us, help them.  Its that simple.  The Greenway will get fishing rods in the hands of 1,000 kids on April 26th, 2014.  That is AWESOME and frankly it is amazing!  Not only will they get rods in their hands, but these kids will all catch fish which is what we all needed to get us fired up at a young age.  You can't help but imagine that lives will be shaped that day.  Putting on this type of operation is not free however and that is why they need your support.  Come to the Rendezvous and lend a helping hand!

All the entry fees for the Pacific Northwest Fly Casting Championship will go to support the Kid's Fish-in Event AND the raffle proceeds from the "mega prize" which is a Sage METHOD 890-4.  We should raise some serious funds for the Greenway.  In case you haven't heard yet, the winner of the non-pro division will win a 590-4 Sage METHOD fly rod, $800 value) which was generously donated by Sage Fly Rods to support the Kids Fish-In event.  They too understand how vital groups like the Greenway are to future of our sport and resources.  The high score in the final round  will win the grand prize.... unless some lucky caster makes a nearly impossible shot to win this rod instantly.  Awww the suspense will be riveting!  It will be fun to watch even if you don't participate.  There will be cold malt beverages available in the peanut gallery above the casting course.  Cheer on your favorite caster.  Should be epic!

Updates to the Red's Rendezvous V:

We have a massive schedule posted below but here are a few quick hitters that we have added or altered.  We'll have a free of charge Youth BB Gun Shooting Range (it will be very safe MOM so don't worry!).  We'll teach safe gun handling and have some fun at the same time.  The outfitter we have now teamed up with to offer horseback trips, Coral #5, will have some beautiful horses and cool demonstrations.  Russell Miller of Team USA fly fishing will be giving an unprecedented European Style Nymphing Clinic ON the river, there will be a chance to petition for expanded Catch and Release regulations on vital PNW rivers, tickets for the IF4 Fly Fishing Film Festival showing at 11:30 am and 2:00 pm are now available online, we are engineering some "putt-putt" fly casting challenges where you can win some prizes FREE of charge, we will have a MASSIVE closeout sale on various fly fishing apparel, rods, reels, and more.  In fact, we're even setting up an outside tent area just for our clearance sale. 

There is honestly so much happening it is tough to list it all.  Come join us and have some fun at Canyon River Ranch and Red's Fly Shop.  You will love it!

Complete Clinic/Seminar Schedules Below

Sincerely and thank you,

The entire Red's, Canyon River Ranch, and Canyon River Grill team

Red's Rendezvous V
"The Ultimate Fly Fishing Fair!"

April 12th, 2014 - 10 am - 4 pm

Host of the 2014 IF4 International Fly Fishing Film Festival!

Showtimes - 11:30 am and 2:00 pm
Tickets Available at the Door - $18 Well Spent!

What is the IF4?

It is a fly fishing film festival that consists of exclusive content produced by passionate filmmakers from all corners of the globe.  They showcase the lifestyle, culture, and art of fly fishing.  From enormous trout in the Rockies to following April Vokey in search of Steelhead, the variety, cinematography, and artistry of these films is incredible and you won't ever forget it!  The room is dark, the screen bright, and the music is loud!  These artists need your support and with most rivers high and muddy right now, we all need the inspiration to get out there and go fishing!  Showtimes are 11:30 am and 2:00 pm, April 12th.  Tickets will be available at the door for $18, totally worth it.


Win a Sage 590-4 METHOD Fly Rod!
Pacific Northwest Fly Casting Championship


4/8/14 Updates: 


*Final Rules will be available on our blog the night before the event!
*$5 per round entry fee, cash only, maximum of 4 attempts to qualify for the finals.


This should bring some of you talented casters out of the wood work!  How about the chance to win an $800 rod? The winner of the non-pro division will win a 590-4 Sage METHOD, OR..... maybe there will be an instant winner if they hit the impossible shot during the final round!  Either way it will be fun to watch or participate in - cheer for your favorite caster.  There is no casting event like it.  Proceeds from the contest will go to benefit a local Kid's Fish-in Charity!  Support a cause, try to win a fly rod, and challenge yourself to become a better angler.


Winner of the "NON-PRO" Division will win a 590-4 Sage METHOD FLY Rod!



Seminars and Lodging Info for Red's Rendezvous V

Canyon River Ranch Lodge is already booked full for Rendezvous weekend, for lodging arrangements any of the Motels in Ellensburg are a great choice.  The Best Western is especially convenient, call them at (509) 925-4244.

Rendezvous V Riverside Seminars
*seminar speakers and times subject to change

10:30 am Dry Line and Dry Fly Steelhead Fishing with Spey Rods
- Brian Silvey - Hosted on the river in front of the lodge.  Brian has guided for decades and is an expert on connecting anglers holding spey rods to summer steelhead!  Especially on dry lines.  This class is free of charge.

Brian has spent 24 years as a fly fishing guide along the banks of the Deschutes and Sandy Rivers. He holds a degree in Fisheries Biology & Fisheries Management, has worked 28 years as a private and commercial Fly Tier, is a Signature tier for Idylewilde Flies (some of which we sell at Red's!)

11:30 am Switch Rod Casting Seminar - George Cook - Hosted on the river in front of the lodge.  George uses switch rods extensively for many species and is a guru with these hybrid weapons.  Learn from the best and see this riverside clinic.  This class is free of charge.

George Cook was a pioneer in developing many of the casts, lines, and strategies used in modern spey and switch rod casting.  He travels the globe fishing thousands of destinations, speaking with outfitters, shop owners, and is always on the prowl for new intel, input, and feedback.  He is also a great instructor! 

12:00 pm Guide Style Nymph Fishing Strategies – by the Red’s Fly Shop Staff - Hosted on the river in front of the lodge.  Local guides sharing local intel.  We’ll teach you the shortcuts and give you pointers for having more success under an indicator. This class is free of charge.

The Red's team guides day in... day out.  We share lots of information in a "guide to guide" setting and tend to think we know a bit about how to nymph fish our local rivers.  Come to this clinic to get an outline on a few strategies and some basic pointers on how to make your nymph fishing more effective.

1:00 pm Steelhead Fishing for NEWBIES - by Steve Joyce - Hosted at the main boat launch.  You live in the PNW and have never caught a steelhead?!!! Let expert angler and Red’s Fly Shop guide Steve Joyce show you how to get set up for success and put some fish in the net.  Steve has steelhead fished all over the PNW and various destination in British Columbia.  Come listen to his tips and insights that he is willing to share with you and demonstrate ON the river!  This class is free of charge.

Steve is one of the founders at Red's Fly Shop and one of the most experienced guides in the country.  He has fished and guided all over the world but his true passion lies right here in the PNW.  He has guided in Montana, Washington, and Chile.  He has fished British Columbia, Venezuela, Bahamas, Mexico, Christmas Island, and many other destinations.  Despite having fished lots of destinations, his favorite fishing oriented past-time is still helping Red's Fly Shop customers catch more fish!  It's in his blood.

FEATURED PRESENTATION - 1:30 pm – European Style Nymph Fishing – by Russell Miller of Team USA Fly Fishing.  Hosted on the river near the boat launch.  This is one of our FEATURED presentations.  Russell works for the Sage, Rio, and Redington companies and is also an esteemed member of Team USA Fly Fishing.  This is a DEADLY technique and something you should not miss!  We are so excited to have Russell here at Red's teaching us how to nymph fish.  This class is free of charge.

ESN or European style nymph fishing is a technique used that does not incorporate the use of an indicator for fishing nymphs. It takes some finesse to learn this strategy but once mastered it offers the wade fisherman a distinct advantage!  Come to this seminar and learn how to get started doing ESN style fishing!

2:00 pm – Learn to Double Haul Fly Cast – by the Red’s Fly Shop Staff - Hosted in the lower meadow casting area.  The Double Haul is an essential skill that will give your fly cast the accuracy, distance, and power to make the tough casts when they count!  This class is free of charge.

The Red's Fly Shop staff is dedicated to constantly helping you improve your casting game.  The thing is, we believe that if you can catch more fish you will do more shopping at Red's haha!  We truly want to see you become the best caster you can be.  Join our friendly team for a 30 minute workshop on learning to Double Haul Fly Cast.

Indoor Clinics and Seminars
*seminar speakers and times subject to change

Fly Tying - All Day!!! There will various guests tyers inside Canyon River Ranch Lodge all day tying flies and answering questions on techniques, recipes, and it is just a fun process to watch. 

10:30 am The Land of Giants! - Mike Agee - Learn why the Upper Missouri River is called "The Land of Giants" and what makes this fishery so special.  Mike is a longtime guide with a passion for hunting big wiley trout with a fly.  Learn how, where, and when to make this trip happen.

11:30 am The Fly Fishing Mecca...  Sounds Like Christmas Island - by Jon Covich - Hosted in the lodge library.  Red’s Fly Shop hosts trip every year to Christmas Island.  Come get the inside scoop on this “hall of fame” fishery.  You can join our group leaving May 20th, 2014 or form your own group and Red’s will host it!

12:30 pm Ascension Bay Flats Fishing - Joe Rotter - Hosted in the lodge library.  This place is amazing.  Easy, affordable, and an experience that will leave you speechless.  This is the perfect flats trip for somebody going saltwater fishing that wants to fish for variety, Bonefish, Tarpon, Permit, Snook, Barracuda, Sharks, Jacks, and more.  Come see the action!

1:30 pm – Strategies for DIY anglers Fishing for Big Trout on Eastern Washington Lakes – by George Cook in the lodge library.  George has been fishing and guiding lakes in Eastern Washington for over 20 years.  He is an industry expert and would love to share techniques, locations, flies, and more.  This will help you have more success fishing our local quality lakes.

2:30 pm – Support The Yakima Canyon Scenic Byway – by Forterra.  This is the most important conservation project hitting the Yakima Canyon in our lifetime.  The recreational implications offered by this project are something we will all enjoy.  Please come learn about the project and what you can do to support it!

Outdoor Attractions and Fly Casting
*seminar speakers and times subject to change

All Day - Beginner's Fly Casting Lessons and Freestyle Fly Casting by Federation of Fly Fishers - Hosted at the lower meadow.  There will be instructors available free of charge and lots of rods to cast, targets to hit, and even a few fun games!

All Day – Qualifying for the PNW Fly Casting Championship  - Hosted and officiated by the Red’s Fly Shop Staff.  This is the most competitive fly casting competition that we know about.  There is a professional and non-professional division.  There will be a large prize awarded for the non-pro!  For the pro…. Bragging rights.  This is a fun event to watch.  Grab a cocktail at 3 pm and watch some of the best casters in the PNW duke it out.

All Day - Casino Casting for Prizes - Hosted by the Red’s Fly Shop Staff in front of the lodge.  We’ll have swag to give away and lots of little stuff.  $5 per round and we will have some great fly rods to try.

11 am - 2 pm - Kid's Fly Fishing Activities - Hosted by Mike Milligan - Orbits around the entire property, join group at any time!

12:00 pm - 120' Fly Casts Made Easy - Hosted by George Cook – If you beach fish, lake fish, or just find yourself in a situation where covering LOTS of water is going to help you catch more fish then this seminar is for you!  Utilizing a switch rod and the proper fly line will allow you to throw extreme distance with ease.

2 pm - 3 pm - Hosted by Yakima Pheasants Forever – Upland bird hunting and dog handling demonstrations by Lodge General Manager Ron Stiffler and the Canyon River Ranch guide team - Hosted at the north end of the lower meadow.

2:00 pm - NON-PRO DIVISION - 5 Weight Fly Casting Championship Top 10 Finalists – Main casting arena in front of the lodge. 

3:00 pm - PRO DIVISION - 5 Weight Fly Casting Championship Top 10 Finalists - Main casting arena in front of the lodge.  This is fun to watch!!!!!

4:00 pm – Award Ceremony for Fly Casting Championship! 

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