Trout Spey Line Buyer's Guide for 2017 and 2018

October 25, 2017

Choosing Building a Trout Spey Line System

Setting up a line system for trout spey can be tough!  Selecting a rod and reel are easy compared to the line system.  There are so many choices and pro's and con's to each.  I realize this video is long, but if you are going to set this up just take 10 minutes or so and watch it.  Better than dropping $100 on something and not getting it right the first time! 

Trout Spey Shooting Heads

These heads require use of a separate running line that is attached in a loop to loop system.  This is the most popular system because mono running line adds about 25% to your distance with little effort.  This means easier more efficient casts.  You can learn how to setup this system here.  How to Setup Mono Running Line and a Shooting Head

Running Line for Trout Spey Systems

Integrated One Piece Trout Spey Shooting Head Lines

These lines are "one piece" with an integrated running line and shooting head.  You will likely add a sink tip (or floating tip), but other than that they are contiguous.  These are PERFECT for anglers that plan to strip retrieve flies or simply prefer a one piece system.

Sink Tips, Tips, and Polyleaders for Trout Spey Fishing

  1. Great info as always! Good video. You guys do it right, thanks!
  2. Hi. I have a dilemma I'm hoping you can assist with. I've have a GLOOMIS 3wt microspey and i am trying to decide between the scout and an integrated line. I am tempted by the simplicity of an integrated line and the fact they will be easier on the fingers for stripping but I hear such great things about the scout on this rod from a casting perspective. Can you please share your thoughts on this? Much appreciated, Ollie