Voodoo Mending for Nymphing Along Cliff Walls

October 23, 2017

Check out the two diagrams below.  Most anglers have a mediocre presentation along structure because its almost impossible to get both the flies AND strike indicator floating along structure together in harmony.  Its tough.  I fished and guided for years before I mastered the "Voodoo Mend".  That's what a client called it one time and it sort of stuck.

  1. Joe: really enjoying the “how-to” and technical advice/skill building! Wondering if you are now reporting invaluable “current conditions” somewhere else on the site, since it’s been gone for a while from here. In trying to get all the “rubik’s cube squares” to line-up properly for a a good day’s fishing on the Yak, current flow & conditions is critical data!!! Thanks!
  2. Go to USGS real time water report Yakima for flow and put it in your bookmarks. This works on all rivers.. On your smart phone down load weather app. It shows current and forecast weather conditions which includes wind; as you know is an important consideration. Not sure if this helps, but hope it does.
  3. Mi Mark, Thanks for reading and supporting us. The best way to stay current on conditions is to bookmark our Facebook Page, https://www.facebook.com/redsflyshop/ That is going to be the most current source of intel since I can do it on a mobile device and stay agile! Always on the move.