Powerhour Tip of the Week // Mending Nymphs Along Cutbanks and Cliff Walls

June 27, 2019

A couple of the best places to bag a mature wild trout out west is underneath undercut banks or along a cliff wall.  The reason WHY these are great spots also makes them challenging to fish.  A big ol' hungry trout will live deep down in an undercut bank for years eating nymphs and baitfish without too many flies invading their space. Till NOW!  This mending trick will get your flies to drop in under the cutbank and hook you up with some serious fin.
Before you watch the video, be sure to really study the two diagrams below.  Most anglers have a mediocre presentation along structure, and they don't even realize it!  It's nearly impossible to get both the flies AND strike indicator floating along structure together in harmony.  Its tough.  I fished and guided for years before I mastered the "Voodoo Mend".  That's what a client called it one time and it sort of stuck.  As you watch it in slow motion you'll see why!  

Gear Setup for This Powerhour Tip of the Week

sage-x-trout-package-map-2_1024x1024Complete Sage X Fast Action Trout Setup

Exact Setup Used in the Video Demonstration

  1. Have watched your videos and followed you for 2 years. Think the info and production's are the gold standard. Not kidding. YET.... look for the little white indicater on the voodoo mend? Nope. You can do better Joe. Maybe some magnification? Maybe another attempt? I'm not grumpy.... Just did appointed.
  2. Ron, I agree a different color indicator would have been easier to follow. However, if you look at the overhead video (towards video's end), it looks like he mends twice after his initial cast with the second resulting in the indicator less than a foot from the wall. I'm going give this a roll this week as we're experiencing very high flow rates in Colorado and fish are hugging the banks. Thanks for the tip Joe.