Trout Spey Podcast with Tom Larimer

September 28, 2017

We had the pleasure of hitting the water for some fishing, trout spey, and recording a Podcast with the great Tom Larimer of G Loomis. Tom has guided all over the PNW for steelhead, salmon, trout, and has helped pioneer the design for some modern Airflo spey lines and helped hone prototypes for several major rod manufacturers.  Now at G Loomis he has recently helped launch the brand new IMX PRO series of rods.  We fished the new IMX PRO short spey series yesterday and our team gives it 5 stars.  We'll post some video reviews and have them up on the website very soon.

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  1. Glad to see that you guys agree with a lot of my observations on the Yakima. This was a write up from 2015: Since then, I started using a 350gr. Switch chucker for most summer trout applications. The knot between the head and the running line on a Skagit Compact was a problem when I would be mixing real short casts and longer casts. I put the Skagit Short back on for winter skulpin swinging. I'm starting to think my 5 wt. switch is a little big for eastern Washington trout. Since I just bought my wife a new chop saw, a compressor, and two nailers, don't I deserve a new rod now? Since that write up from 2015, I've been using the Switch chucker and a short poly floating leader any time I'm using big foam flies, like stonefly time on the Deschutes, shortwing stone time on the Naches, hopper time, and now fall caddis skaters. Swinging a skating shortwing stone makes big Naches cutthroats stupid.
  2. Hello Joe Reds Fly shop, Based on performance witch brand Spey rods would you recommend if price isn't A issue, for A 4 weight or 3 weight Spey A 6 weight or 7 weight Spey A 8 weight or 9 weight Spey so for those 3 categories based on performance, accuracy and feel and Lightweight. My feel of rods that I prefer lay in between mid+ to top flex rods The brands I had in mind are Echo , Reddington/Sage, G-loomis. Target species of Fish!; Trout,perch,bass , Pike, Sea Bass, Sea trout , Steelhead and Salmon Maybe it would be nice if you make a video on that topic on Youtube for newer model rods from 2015 and up. Thanks for time! Jack
  3. Hey guys I like listening to the podcast but would it be possible to get it posted on iTunes so I can listen through the app, can’t seem to find it in there. Thanks keep it up!