2 Hot New Nymphs! - Tungsten Jighead Nymphs

December 5, 2014

Ok folks, you HAVE TO SEE THESE. It may be one of the best flies/tips that you get this off season.

I have seen a few of these bugs over the years, but this is the best pattern yet available at a shop.  It is a tungsten beadhead fly with a JIG HEAD hook.  This means it will tap, bounce, and fish along the bottom and the tops of boulders with less hang-ups and they sink faster. 

They are an incredibly high quality fly, on an extremely high quality barbless hook and you should stock up on this, seriously, it will fish under a small indicator on 5X without split shot.  Great lead fly or dropper under a big stonefly nymph or dry fly.
PT on a Tungsten Jig Head Hook  
The Pheasant Tail version has a mylar flash back... err belly I guess because its upside down on this type of hook, a CDC Hackle and is a very high quality pattern. This will fish all year long in various sizes.  Buy Online
Yellow Spot Tungsten Jig Head Nymph
I belive the Yellow Spot will fish all year too, but I am really thinking about this fly during and just prior to Golden Stonefly hatches, Yellow Sally Hatches, and PMD hatches.  Buy Online.

Loop Knot for Jighead Nymphs

I have just found over the years that when you can tie a loop knot to your fly it just gets 'em.  They bite it.  It jigs, wiggles, swims, twerks, and drives the fish crazy.  If you take the time to do it on certain nymphs, especially nymphs that are heavily weighted like Tungsten, they fish better.

This is a tough knot on light line though!  Practice it at home before you get to the river.  Here is a good video for you to check out and learn from.

  1. Orvis displays a knot called a Duncan Loop that works well also. A little tricky to get exactly where you want it but a couple of tries and works easy after that.
  2. Dave, that is a great knot to use. For some reason it isn't nearly as popular but performs the same function and isn't too tough to tie. Good suggestion.
  3. I've always called it a non-slip mono loop. I use this knot on everything from streamers to dries.
  4. I agree, I have fished jig flies for about 17 years now and they are killer in the Yak. They don't work everyday of course, but on average, they work great. I had a friend who would also fish "micro-jigs" meant for panfish in the desert lakes. These work too, and can be cast with a fly rod, but they are not flies, so not always legal and not fun to tie!
  5. haha, runnin a little late but good to see you guys playin catch-up. mega heavy size 14 jigged prince is the only fly you need on the yak all year round.
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