3 Spots Left for Christmas Island at $2390

February 11, 2015

Who is coming with me?!  This is arguably the world's greatest saltwater fly fishing. I am personally hooked on the stalk, the hunt, the cast, and the challenge presented by shallow water tropical fish.  We'll be fishing for trophy Bonefish, Blue Fin Trevally, Giant Trevally, and tons of other species.  

What prompted this post is that I just got off the phone a few minutes ago and finished up booking angler #9 for Christmas Island May 12th - 19th.  With only 3 spots left I'd like to rally some blog readers to seriously consider this trip. It is a great value and I'll make sure you are well organized and prepared to take on the challenges of saltwater fly fishing. Heck I will even tag along and go fishing!  As an added bonus I will be personally hosting an informative training clinic a month before departure.  I'll teach you everything you need to know and help improve your cast.

Christmas Island Saltwater Fly Fishing Seminar - April 12th, 11 am

About the Trip

I strongly encourage you to read this article, it is everything you need to know and pack when fly fishing in Christmas Island.  Things to mention are that most anglers travel as singles, no need to find a friend.  The only fishing partner you can truly rely on is yourself!  We all fish with our own guide on a 1:1 ratio.  We're fishing with the Villages which is arguably the best and most reputable outfitter on the island.  They are a great group of people.  I'll be coordinating all the bookings and hosting this trip myself.

How do you get to Christmas Island?

Most of our blog followers live near the west coast which makes things pretty easy. You'll fly into Honolulu on May 11th and get a cheap hotel either at Waikiki or near the airport.  I'll probably just get a cheap room near the airport and skip the beach.  May 12th we'll fly to Christmas Island, get settled into the lodge, have a few cocktails, and assemble our weaponry for a dawn departure to the flats the next day.  The fishing days are long, we fish hard, and we sleep well.  

Airfare to Christmas Island

Today airfare for the flight from Honolulu to Christmas Island is $1,065.  One of our guests was able to buy this flight down with miles, but I really don't think this is a bad price. You are into for about $1600 grand total and most of you probably have enough miles stowed away to get yourselves to Honolulu.  On 5/19 you can fly out of Honolulu anytime after 1:15 pm and we'll be back in Seattle that night.  One day of travel on the way home.  Here is a snap shot of the flight you need.  It says we fly back May 20th, because of the International Date Line.  When you land in Hawaii it will be 5/19.  Compare this value to any trip any where and you'll find it is a great price. 

  1. Am interested. Keep me in the last open list. I live in Chicago, so need to get into Washington and the Honolulu. Expensive and not easy. Have my #8, 9# and a two handed tarpon #11. Need a permit or few before I die. Thanks, Moe F.
  2. I'll be at Christmas Island in just over a week, staying at the Villages. I just wanted to pass along my thanks for a lot of information you've made available through Red's, especially the "everything you need to know" article and some of the bonefishing videos. There was one that was done over this past Christmas(maybe last year) I think and it was excellent. I was looking for part two. Hope your group has a terrific time. cheers Wes British Columbia
  3. Wes so happy u are scratching this off your bucket list!! I know you will be in awe when u get there and you will be so happy you made the trip. Enjoy the experience and the fishing!! I'll be waiting to hear all about it. Xo mrs. Island fly!!