Amazing Dry Fly Fishing

July 16, 2014

Date:  7/16/14

Time:  Evening 7/15/14 - Morning 7/16/14

Results:  Amazing Dry Fly Fishing, more than our share of fish.

Section:  Ringer to Red's in the evening, Red's to Roza in the morning.

Here it goes, first the disclaimer:  The fishing was absolutely incredible the past few days in the mornings and evenings.... BUT we don't predict it can possibly hold on like this for all that long.  It was absolutely epic last night for the last hour of daylight.  We fished right up until 9:30 pm or so.  Even if the fishing is only half as good as it was last night the remainder of this week it will be a trip to remember.  We fished Stoneflies most of the time but did work some Caddis and practiced casting at feeders just to mix it up.  SURPRISINGLY, the fishing was good from 4 pm right off the bat.  I personally didn't think it would come to life till about 7 pm but it was great starting minutes after we put the boat in the water. 

Honorable mention on fly rods, one of the guests was fishing a 490-4 Echo CARBON fly rod and it was really fun to cast.  For $170 it is a great medium fast action rod.  I haven't spent much time on this stick and what little I did cast it I really liked it.  It was his first trip and he was super happy with it.  

The morning was awesome as well, but the evening was better.  Plus we saw a ton of
 wildlife in the morning and there wasn't a single other boat on the water.  We started at about 5 am and the fishing was rockin' right off the bat!  There were deer swimming across the river, deer on the bank, and trout on our lines... often.  Be sure to work on your casting every chance you get if you want to make the most out of one of these trips.  Don't be intimidated, but those with good skill and accuracy will clean house compared to a novice!  

The Bugmeister #8Solitude Hopperstone #8 and #10 were our very best flies.