Ascension Bay January Fishing Report

January 30, 2015

The temperature (both air and water) has warmed up to the normal range, and we've seen some great fishing the past 2 days.  This final week in January trip has been our first trip of the year for the past 5 years now.  This year, we've seen and gotten more shots at permit than any previous January trip.  We've also seen more tarpon in the open water (away from the mangroves) than we've ever seen before.  Tarpon in open water can be tough, because they tend to be moving fairly quickly, and are harder to see.  The cooler days at the beginning of the week provided some great snook fishing in the mangroves.  This was good because it gave us a chance to try out some of our new flies.  The weedless feature on some proved a huge advantage while casting into the mangroves, as the fly didn't get hung up nearly as much.  The 2/0 finger red/white mullet and 1/0 everglades mangrove fly have been the favorites.  We've landed some permit, and missed or broke several more off, fishing tan crab patterns.  The tarpon fishing has been good with the standard toads and baitfish patterns.  The best bonefish flies have been the bonefish bug and the mantis shrimp.  Don't get caught without the mantis shrimp down here, as permit will also eat that thing!  We're excited for the weeks ahead.  If you haven't signed up yet, we still have space open March 1-8. 
  1. Just returned from my third trip down there with Reds. If you have been on the fence about this trip, just do it. You won't regret it. It is an amazing value! While the fishing is fantastic, it is only part of the the experience. The weather, hospitality, people and scenery are worth the price of admission, even without the fishing. I had planned to go just once but my name is already on the list for a fourth trip in 2016.