Ascension Bay MX Week 1 Report

February 1, 2017

Sitting on the balcony as the sun begins to climb over the town of Punta Allen is a not a bad place to enjoy your morning coffee.  We are just getting ready to have breakfast and make the walk to the boats for Day 4 of our first week in Ascension Bay.  The weather was rough the first day, with thick clouds and periods of rain, but we've had good sun for the past 2 days and everyone in the group has found success in one way or another.  

The overall air temperatures have been a bit cooler than normal, with a prevailing North wind.  This has cooled water temperatures considerably, which seems to most effect the Bonefishing, as the fish tend to go deep.  While we haven't seen the schools of Bones we typically do, we have found some larger than normal singles and doubles.  
The group had 2 guys get Super slams yesterday! (bonefish, tarpon, snook, and permit landed), and a few guys have been really lucky to get into some large permit this week.  The fly program has been pretty standard.  The permit have preferred a tan bodied crab (Tara's crab is best - and inflation on pricing is climbing as inventory goes down haha!!!), 

The red and white Puglisi baitfish with the weed guard has been great for tarpon and snook.  

The sun is rising over a slightly choppy ocean right now, and this blue sky shows promise for another great day today.  We'll check back in later this week!

March 11th - 18th, 2017 we have 2 spots left to do this very trip to Ascension Bay.  Contact with any questions or to get signed up.