Awesome Nymph Fishing Yesterday in the Yakima River Canyon

June 2, 2014

Yakima River Fishing Report

Date:  6/2/14

Location:  MM20 to Mahre's

Results:  10+++ trout landed

Flies:  Pearl Lightning Bug #14/16, BH Super Flash Pheasant Tail, Corn Fed Caddis, Double Beadhead 20 Incher #6/8, Bloom's Caddis, Moorish Super Pupae Nymph, Purple Lightning Bug #16/14, Bullethead Golden Stonefly 

Hunger Level:  9 out of 10

The nymph fishing was unreal yesterday, I hope it hangs on through the week so that a few lucky souls get to experience it.  Yes, that good.

We fished yarn indicators and kept our setups really light, the trout were eating bugs high in the water column as the hatches were very good.  Caddis and mayflies of many varieties were hatching all day.  There were PMD's, Brown Drakes, Caddis, and all sorts of flies that I can't pretend to know the names of.  When you get hatches like this you don't need to bang the bottoms of the river with your nymphs.  Most of the food will be up above their heads floating towards the surface to emerge and hatch.

There are also Golden Stoneflies throughout the river and we did have some good takes in the morning while we were warming up with dry flies.  It is a good idea to always "test" the dry fly fishing early in your float to see if there is potential there.  The bite on dry flies was pretty soft so we switched up to nymphs and the beatdown began pretty much immediately.  
Fish the fast water and work on your drifts.  I have been using the New Zealand Strike Indicator tool to setup yarn (wool) indicators that fish amazingly well.  The quality of drift that you get is awesome, better than the "thingamajig" or whatever its called.  

  1. I check your blog daily . It has always givin me good info when I make my trips over . Really enjoyed the son Cody competed in the casting comp and it has made him really work at getting better. Thank for your detacation
  2. Red's does have the best all around info on the Yakima River, as a team you should be proud of what you have accomplished. Your videos are the best I have seen, easy to understand and very informative I learned something every time. The new web site setup is great. Thanks for all your hard work!