Bass Fishing window is NOW! Clinic 6/11!

June 7, 2016


We are certainly lucky to live in the Pacific NW when it comes to diversity in terms of species and types of water we have to fly fish in.  It was a hard choice to pick where to go last weekend, as the Klickitat was open for steelhead, the mountain streams opened for trout, and the Caddis hatch is in full bloom on the Yakima main stem...  Surprisingly, we didn't pick any of those options!  We chose to go chase Largemouth Bass on a couple of our private Ea WA lakes, and we were really glad we did it!  I have done a lot of Bass fishing over the past several years, targeting both Smallmouth and Largemouth.  There are several things that I really enjoy about Bass fishing.  First of all, the way they eat a popper is enough to excite even the purist of dry fly anglers.  There is nothing subtle about it.  They accelerate through the popper like Steve Largent laying the smack down on Mike Harden!  I couldn't resist adding that one, as I just watched his Football Life program and remembered what a great moment that was:-)  Fortunately pressure has not been enough of an issue on our lakes to discourage the Largemouth from doing this... again and again and....  The other thing I really like about bass fishing is how subtle those meat eaters can be at times.  The amount of connection to the fly that is required to sense the strike and hook the fish is amazing.  I have learned a lot about this watching some very good gear fisherman ply their trade.  The best formula that I have found for it on the fly is to use a floating or intermediate sinking line and a long leader - with an almost chironomid-like retrieve.  Even the most subtle resistance requires immediate attention.  We have some great opportunities coming up this summer to pursue Bass on the fly.  In addition to our private lake options, we also fish Bass on the lower Yakima and Columbia rivers.  Come on out this Saturday and try your luck in our Bass clinic, which takes place at one of our private lakes.  The cost is only $150, which includes access, instruction, and a full day of do it yourself angling fun.  A boat or pontoon is required to make this class productive and enjoyable!  Even if you can't make it over for that, feel free to send us an email with any questions about these or other Bass opportunities in WA!

  1. I just want to add that I had a great evening of fishing for bass with Steve on one of the private lakes a couple of weeks ago. I only threw poppers and had an amazing time with bass taking the poppers in every possible way. The best were the explosive takes when you thought the fly was out of the zone and you weren't expecting it as well as having a wake follow the fly across a shallow weed bed and then an explosive take. The best take was when Steve cast his fly to a late evening rise and the explosion on the fly was immediately as it hit the water. Not only is it a great fishing adventure in itself, it is a great way to practice your casting and strip setting techniques for the salt water game. The casting into the bank and reeds and under trees very much reminded me of fishing in the mangroves for snook and tarpon and the hook set is exactly the same strip set that is required for all of the flats fish. Do yourself a favor if you haven't done it yet and try bass on a fly!