ISO - 1 More Angler for Big Tarpon in Costa Rica!

April 6, 2016

I am looking for another 2 anglers to join me.  I'll be taking a group of 11 anglers to Costa Rica in May to pursue big Tarpon. I am personally planning, hosting, and going on this trip so obviously it has my full endorsement.  Based on my research, I think its the best shot to land multiple Tarpon in the 100+ pound range on the fly and have a great time doing it.  The group is pretty mixed with singles and doubles, so it will be a nice mix of guys that love fly fishing and a cultural experience traveling to this portion of Costa Rica.

Tarponville 2016

Well here I go again.  I just planned another big trip as if trout fishing and bass fishing aren't enough to keep me busy!  I have been ridiculously blessed to get to do so much cool fishing.  I absolutely love freshwater fishing but a couple times a year I like to get on a plane and go after something big.  This time, the biggest.  

Where do you go when you want to catch a big giant Tarpon, possibly 200 pounds?  I am going to Tarponville!  Seriously.  That is the name of the lodge.  I did my research, spoke with the owner several times, asked the tough questions, and settled on Tarponville.  I booked the trip and ironically, without my knowledge, I discovered that one of our founders at Red's had been there before.  I had already booked but it reinforced that it was the right trip and meant to be.

Tony from Red's with a beastly Tarpon.  Any fish that is as big as a full grown deer has got to be a battle!

Oh my!  Big Tarpon on the run!
Tarponville is in Costa Rica near the Panama border on the Atlantic side.  I had done one other trip to Costa Rica and have been dying to get back down there but this time at a fly fishing oriented lodge.  Where I went before was better suited to gear fishing in big water.  Tarponville has access to shallow waters and these big mirgratory fish can be caught in as little as 2' of water!   We use 12-14 weight rods with floating or intermediate lines.  There is a mix of sight casting, pure blind casting, and casting at pods of rolling fish.

If this sounds like fun, come join me May 14th - May 22nd this upcoming year.
Permit Fishing in Costa Rica
Cost is $3860 per angler, this includes an upcharge to fish for Permit on a highly restricted flat in the national park.  Only 2 anglers per day are allowed on the flat to keep the pressure down.  In addition to big Tarpon that average 100 pounds, there are Dorado, Permit, Jack Crevalle, Trigger Fish, and probably a few more.  The lodge is on the coast inside their national park.  This is a very special destination.  The flights to San Jose Costa Rica are surprisingly reasonable.  

I am also very excited to chase Jack Crevalle!  It is said that they are the hardest fighting fish in the world and having caught quite a few in the 5-20 pound range I have to agree.  I am looking forward to shots at some larger fish in the 15-30 pound range which are fairly common here.  

Trip dates:   5/14/16- 5/22/16

On this trip you'll be traveling and fishing with me personally, and I'll be sure everyone is well prepared and makes the most out of this trip and the opportunities that are presented.  If you live in the PNW you'll also be able to get some casting lessons from me as part of the package deal.  

6 Day Fishing Package, $3860 per angler - I can give you all the details if you are interested, but this is a super value for a quality trip.  Email me at with questions.  The price includes the airport shuttle both ways and the overnight lodging in San Jose.  The lodge is clean, on the coast, and just rustic enough to make this a guys trip.  

5/13- Airport arrival/ shuttle to Costa Verde/ night stay in San Jose

5/14- shuttle to Tarponville/ ½ day fishing

5/15- 5/19 - Full days fishing

5/20- ½ day fishing/ shuttle to San Jose

5/21- Shuttle to airport/ departure flight

Tarponville Lodge-Costa Rica from Mikey Wier on Vimeo.

There are shots at Dorado as well, these are aggressive fish and tackle the fly with a vengance!

Too big to lift!
Amazing Scenery!

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