Boats, Boats, and Rental Boats

August 4, 2014

We know that many of you are probably interested in floating the Yakima River without a guide and we want to help!  Right now we have a few used boats for sale that you should know about and some great rental opportunities.  While guided trips are very productive, it isn't the only avenue we support.  Rowing your fishing pal into some nice trout is very satisfying!

Used Boats for Sale at Red's Fly Shop

This might sound like a lot of money, but it is a very good deal.  The boat needs a detail but is worth every penny and then some.  I assure you there is no deal on used skiff that has the value of this boat.  

Maybe you aren't sure exactly where your adventures will take you!  This is a fully outfitted boat, it has a lot of great extras.  

A great budget boat for someone that isn't sure how much they will use it.  Having the trailer is great, super convenient and it looks to be solid.  The trailer alone is worth $500.

Fishing Raft Rentals at Red's Fly Shop

13' Aire Tributary Package - This is totally setup with an anchor system and STANDING floors!  This is a great raft and perfect for float fishing the Yakima River Canyon safely.

The rental is 8+ hours and we can set it up so that you can fish till dark and simply float down to Red's at the end of the day.  We include all transportation in the cost.

Cost:  $199

Outcast Fishcat Scout Rentals

You can check out the video below, but this is a great way to float and fish the Yakima Canyon by yourself.  It is best when the water gets below about 3,000 cfs but there are lots of guys that use the fins and fish hoppers along the bank quite well.  We include all the transportation and these floats all end at Red's.

Cost:  $109

  1. Hi, I am wondering do you guys still have 13' Aire Tributary Package for rental tomorrow? Thank you! Hans