Bobby vs. Euro Style Nymphing // Yakima River Smackdown

September 4, 2019

Yesterday we got Bobby on the water to do some Euro Nymphing with my old buddy and ex Red's superguide Troy Lichttenegger.  He's now the regional sales rep for Echo Fly Rods, Winston Fly Rods, Simms, and many other products.  As he's traveled Troy has been schooled up by some of the best Euro style anglers in the world. Troy brought some really great intel on leader setup that we'll share in another blog, but today we wanted to highlight the first step in learning the game.

joe and troyIt was great getting on the water with Troy yesterday, he and I use to do a lot of fishing together!  It had been way too long.

Bobby For the Win

bobby miller and rainbow iiBobby landed this after fishing Euro Style for about 15 minutes!  Not a bad start!

Bobby has fished all over the place from Alaska to Christmas Island and done LOTs of different types of fishing including spey, trout spey, flats fishing, Pike, Musky, Largemouth, and all sorts of trout fishing scenarios.

About the only Bobby hasn't done is learn to Euro Style Nymph fish! Well yesterday the three of us got in the boat and Bobby caught about as many fish as a guy can ask for.  He had the advantage of being a supremely experienced angler, and was fishing alongside a couple of guys with a fair amount of experience. Troy and I are both newer to this style of fishing, but have proven ourselves effective.  It's important to never stop learning.

Tip of the Week - Constant Contact

Euro Nymphing Tackle Used This Week


  1. 70 years ago it was high sticking with the "Leisenring Lift"!!! This looks similar, but more sophisticated! Good stuff- thanks, Jack PS also fished with bobbers, not sighters or strike indicators!