Brookies, Bows, Buddies, and Berries

August 13, 2016

I fished with a couple of buddies yesterday to check out some fishing opportunities and shoot some photos and videos.  I had such a great time it prompted me to send out a small newsletter and invite you to come fish with us.  For some of you, small creek trout in the mountains doesn't turn your crank. Personally, I thrive on it. I love the scenery, adventure, and fooling those little buggers with small dry flies and my 2 weight Redington Classic Trout. Lots of flex!  

Complete Beginner's Outfit - Redington Classic Trout Rod and ZERO Reel

Even it it isn't your thing, please forward this article onto some beginner's or folks that might be interested.  Its such great fishing right now that many folks will simply fall in love with fly fishing in one day.  Teenagers and anglers that are dabbling with the idea will love this trip.  

Many of you have been through the Red's University of Fly Fishing's 101 and 201 classes. While we taught you all we could in the classroom format, many of you are still yet to get out there and put together a successful wade fishing trip.  We want you to succeed! 

Right now we have the perfect adventure for you!  Please listen closely.  The wade fishing is hot on certain sections of the Upper Cle Elum River.  Red's Fly Shop is the only licensed outfitter on this river, so it doesn't get any pressure from any other guided services.  In fact, even our user days are limited so the fishing pressure is almost nill!  It hosts lots of spunky little trout and a scenic backdrop that is compares to anything the Rocky Mountains has to offer.  It is absolutely spectacular.  In addition, the Huckleberries are ripe and you might just get distracted eating and picking berries!  There is lots of camping in the area as well.  It would be a great idea to learn where and how to fish from our staff, and then fish these same areas independently without a guide.  We will train you.

How Do I Get Signed Up?!

The bite should remain hot only through mid September, so there is no time to spare.  There are two options on how you want to set this trip up. You can do a fully guided trip, and the guide will bring rods, flies, and all the tackle.  Or, you can do it as a "301 Class" and we'll split the focus between catching fish and teaching.

The fishing is all on foot and relatively easy.  We don't have to hike a long ways to generate action. The fish are small, aggressive, and as pretty as any trout anywhere.  A large trout here is about 12" but what they lack in size they will make up for in quantity!  We feel it is the best wading trip in the entire Pacific Northwest for beginning anglers right now.  We won't twist your arm, but this is a hot tip!

Guided Adventures

  • 4-5 Hours of Fishing: $350 per guide (1-2 anglers per guide)
  • Additional Anglers: $49 each. Up to 4 anglers per guide.

"The Final Step Fly Fishing Class"

This format is for anglers that want to focus on learning the final set of skills required to be a successful fly fisher.  Anglers will need to bring their own rods, flies (which can be purchased through Red's, and tackle.  

Need Flies? Order a "Dirty Dozen" on-line and the guide will bring them to you!  Just put in the order comments that you need the guide to deliver and choose "In Store Pickup" for the shipping method.  

  • $300 for 1-3 anglers
  • Call for Reservations!  (509) 933-2300

Fly Rods and Gear for Creek Fishing

You don't need to have a lot of specialized gear for this trip.  Our team is great and whether its a class or a guided trip we'll be absolutely certain that you will have a great time.

Rods:  Any rod will work, but we like rods in the 2-3 weight range for this trip.  Popular choices are the Redington Butterstick and the Redington Classic Trout (pictured here).  We also sell this very 2 weight rod in a complete Beginner's Fly Fishing Kit!

Deluxe Beginner's Fly Fishing Outfit

To get started in fly fishing you'll need more than just a rod. We genuinely want to see you be successful in fly fishing so we assembled what we think is the package that is most likely to help you catch fish AND love fly casting. This is the NUMBER ONE fly rod outfit that we encourage beginner to intermediate anglers to purchase when they need a new rod. It is easy and fun for entry level anglers to master. We trust, use, and believe in this rod because it seems to accomplish what other rod manufactures have failed to do in a light weight fly rod that costs $150 (rod only). We have put together a great package that includes everything an angler needs to get started in fly fishing. You could literally take this purchase and head straight to a river or lake near you! 

Package Includes:

  • Redington Classic Trout Fly Rod
  • Redington ZERO Fly Reel
  • RIO Fly Line Backing
  • Weight Forward Floating Fly Line
  • 6 Pack of Trout Dry Flies (assorted for your success!)
  • Complete fly line, backing, and fly reel setup
  • 2 Tapered Leaders for Trout Fishing
  • 4X Fly Fishing Tippet (leader material)
  • Redington Nippers
  • Redington Hemostats
  • Redington Retractable Zinger (for your nippers)
  • Fly Rod Travel Tube

Gear and Packing List for Creek Fishing Trips

River shoes or wading boots - You can get buy with old sneakers, but comfortable feet and good traction will only help you have a great time.  Try the Simms Intruder Wading Boot.

  • Fly Rod and Reel (on guide trips we can supply, in classes students must have their own)
  • Quick Dry Pants (shorts are ok, but if you have long pants that dry fast these are best)
  • Wading Staff if you have trouble wading 
  • Flies 
  • Fishing Vest or Small Pack
  • Sunscreen, Bug Spray, Snacks, and Personal Effects
  • 4X Tippet and Leader 

Call for Reservations!  (509) 933-2300

 About R.U.F.F.

Our University of Fly Fishing is built around the simple business philosophy that has driven Red's since the beginning.  "If we can help you catch more fish... business will take care of itself".  Its that simple folks.  Deep down we believe in helping you have the best possible fly fishing experience whether you are on a guided trip or simply need some free advice from our shop staff.  This philosophy drives us to share, teach, and mentor you in everything fly fishing and we're grateful for the opportunity.  Please check out some of our most popular classes, and see our complete Calendar of Upcoming Events for more information on Red's University of Fly Fishing, R.U.F.F.