BWO Hatches and 7X Tippet // Yakima River Dry Fly Report

November 6, 2019

The weather has been great and after a long absense, maybe 10 years, of almost no BWO (Blue Winged Olive) hatch in the fall it's finally back!  For some unknown reason this hatch which was once prevalent simply dried up.  This has been the best BWO hatch and late fall dry fly fishing in 10 years.  

It's not easy!  This is technical fishing with picky trout that will be discriminating.  Download the PodBean App for your smartphone and follow The Mend Podcast for the best listening experience. 

BWO Hatch Fall November Yakima Canyon (10)

Approaching upstream in the shadows is a great strategy.  Think like a HERON.  Stalk slow and quiet.

BWO Hatch Fall November Yakima Canyon (7)

I was shocked at a what a difference this tippet made.  

BWO Hatch Fall November Yakima Canyon (9)

Spotting and stalking in a way that your plan is to make ONE CAST at a particular target is the essense of the small dry fly game. Don't let this become a lost art.  Ditch the nymphs whenever possible. 

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  1. Joe, You can almost hear the Basalt Cliffs above the Rock Garden whisper “Holy crap, it’s like the good ol’days.” Excellent recommendation to use 7x. I am a recent convert to all things SA and their tippet surely doesn’t disappoint. I wasn’t sure If I would ever again witness pods of fish (yes pods) slurping on an armada of adult BWO’s hatch/floating in seams and foam lines. Rather than speculate why now, I am just enjoying the moment. Peace, Brother.
  2. Thanks Mike, it was like the old days! THANK YOU to everyone that takes catch and release to a "keep 'em wet" level. It's not enough to just let them survive, it's important to help them THRIVE. Let's not let this Canyon become loved to death. I am so inspired by the fishing this fall and seeing a healthy population of trout that survived a summer with lots of anglers are warm temps. What a site to behold those pods of fish have been!
  3. Great cast. You talk about using Basemap. I know in the past you have used OnX. Do you like basemap better and why?
  4. Both Apps are excellent, Basemap has more depth for other activities outside of hunting. I use it for Mountain Biking, Trail Running, fishing, etc. I prefer Basemap overall, but you'll want to practice using the Offline features before you head out.
  5. Love these podcasts. Is this hatch still happening on Yakima? What time of day are you focusing on when fishing BWO hatch?