Christmas Island Wrap Up, Next Years Dates Are Up!

June 2, 2017

Well I got to go far away and fish my brains out for 6 days, about 11+ hours a day which equals a TON of fishing.  About as much as I can handle believe it or not.  I absolutely LOVE this trip.  The hiking, the people, beauty of the flats, and expansiveness of the huge flats is simply incredible.  It is an amazing fishery with marine life visible at almost every step.  On this particular trip we fish with a 1:1 guide to angler ratio, so you learn a ton on how to identify what type of fish you are seeing.  I counted more than 12 different species of fish one day!    

Next year I am passing the torch and we have a few spots left.  Before you start day dreaming be sure to consider going with Red's next year on this trip. 

May 15th - 22nd, 2018 with Red's Guide/Travel Host Eric Dalzell

*Eric traveled, fished, and roomed with me this year and is hosting the 2018 adventure to the same lodge. He is well schooled on these fisheries and managed to land this spectacular Trevally on a Popper!  While sight casting to it!  

7 Nights/6 Days of Fishing - $2590 per angler
*Dates listed include travel days to/from Honolulu

Call (509) 933-2300 for Reservations or Questions

The thing I love most however is stalking fish on foot.  It is spectacular.  Just the hunter and the hunted. Quiet steps, sharp casts.  

We use boats to access the flats and the "boatman" is basically a taxi driver all day moving his 3-4 guides/anglers to various points on the flat throughout the day.  They are built out of wood and a very comfortable transport. The guides have handheld radios and call for the boat several times throughout the day as the tides shift. 

Click the image for a slide show of my 2017 trip to Christmas Island.
Christmas Island 2017 - Slide Show

Pacific Grand Slam on Christmas Island

A "Pacific Grand Slam"!  I just made that up but its kind of cool.  A couple of days I did get all 3 in the same day.  This is a Blue Trevally, a Bonefish, and Giant Trevally.  These are the 3 species that we pursue most of the time.   Just know that catching Giant Trevally on the flats, shallow water, no chum, no teasers is tough!  You have to be patient, skilled, and the hardest part.... walk past hundreds of Bonefish without getting distracted haha!  Its called Christmas Island Water Torture.   

A couple of species that I did not catch include Trigger Fish and Milk Fish.  I tried for a short while for Milk Fish outside of the lagoon in the blue water one morning but was unable to generate any shots.  Apparently Milk Fish are pound for pound some of the hardest running fish on the planet!  We use 12 weights for these.

You will see hundreds, if not thousands of Trigger Fish. Well ok, maybe not thousands but you'll get dozens upon dozens of shots per day at Trigger Fish.  They are very abundant, easy to spot, and are characters much like the anglers that fish for them.  haha.  Jim.  

  1. Thanks for a great trip, Joe.
  2. Oh you bet Mike! That was a blast and thanks so much for coming. I'm already looking forward to the next trip!