Cold Water Trout Spey and Euro Nymph Strategies // OPST Groove Review

November 26, 2019

As water temps drop anglers need to adjust their strategies to match.  This past week a cold snap shut down the dry fly fishing and anglers were forced to committ to fishing either nymphs or streamers.  Trout tend to move into different holding lies as water temps dive into the low 40's (or colder) everything slows down a bit.  We found the OPST Commando GROOVE Intermediate head to be a big advantage for slowing down our trout spey presentations.  It seems to cast well at the same grain weight as the original Commando head.  Great line.

I guided a trout spey specific trip on Friday, and then hosted a Euro Nymphing clinic on Saturday.  As always, I'm constantly learning and gaining perspective on how to help the fishing public on how to improve their fishing.  Listen to the podcast and learn more about how to adjust your strategies for cold water.  Download the Podbean App for the best listening experience.  It's "The MEND" podcast.

Trout Spey Tip and Tackle


OPST Commando GROOVE (1)*my cold water setup.  I like the OPST Commando GROOVE head and a SONAR Leader ( I feel like it presents better in big open pools )

10' 3 ips SA Sonar Versileaders
OPST Commando Sink Tips
Winston Boron iii Micro Spey 11' 4 Weight
10# SA Absolute Fluorocarbon TIPPET (stiff for streamer fishing)

Euro Nymphing Tackle Referenced

Echo Shadow X 11' 3 weight
RIO Euro Nymphing Leader
RIO Tippet Rings
RIO Sighter Material
SA Absolute Trout Fluorocarbon Tippet
RIO Euro Nymph Line