Deadline Extended! Support the Naches River

October 16, 2014

This is a "RE-POST" of a topic that I wrote about earlier this month.  Please read through this and voice your support for expanding Catch-and-Release on the Naches River through this link:

Help Us Help the Naches River

This is a critical turning point right now in the future of quality fly fishing in Central Washington. For several years we have been working on WDFW to try and get Catch-and-Release management on the Naches River above Rattlesnake Creek. It failed last year and I won't let that happen again! 

The bottom line is that there are dozens if not hundred of places to retain and eat trout in this state.  The opportunities for catch and keep fishing far exceed the number of quality trout streams. THERE IS ONLY ONE NACHES RIVER. It is a very unique and special river, as a society we need to give it a chance to become something very special.

Just imagine if angler's in the late 1980's would have given up on trying to the get the Yakima River Canyon Catch-and-Release? Things would be different. A lot of us wouldn't even own fly rods! All the wonderful experiences we have had on the Yakima River wouldn't even exist. I won't give up on the Naches and neither should you!


Here is what you can do: - It only takes 5 minutes and may change the future of fly fishing in Central Washington!

  1. Click this link: (It should lead to WDFW Region 3 - Naches River Catch and Release proposal) If it doesn't then click around until you find it.
  2. Submit your info, and comment in favor of Catch-and-Release on the Naches River. You can add what you want but the WDFW actually vests a lot of their decision making in these comments and they read them. Every one of them. If you truly believe that Catch and Release management is the best for this river then lay it on 'em.

Thank you for support, care, and love for fly fishing and the trout!

Joe and the entire staff at Red's Fly Shop
  1. Thanks for the link Joe. Posted my endorsement. Lou
  2. Thanks for the link, Joe! Just posted my positive comment. Will let others know! Mark
  3. comment for C&R posted. Keep fighting!
  4. I got a note from WDFW and things are looking pretty positive this time around! Thanks for all the support. We'll all enjoy improved fishing opportunities in the future.
  5. This may be an unpopular view among the community but here goes; I would not support an outright ban on keeping a trout on any stretch of river. I believe in catch and release to a point, and the point I'm referring to is an inch mark. For instance on the Canyon stretch of the Yakima I believe you should be able to keep a Rainbow that exceeds 22 inches (not caught all that often). Obviously the cut off should be dictated by the fertility of the water in question, as well as the species of the fish, both of which are outside the scope of my quantification. But when said fish reaches a certain point, if you manage to land him or her, it should be your choice whether to release that fish. Lawful release of the smaller fish allow them to grow and become the pigs that could eventually be harvested legally, and in that ideal you have my full support. I also believe that if a stretch of water is subject to any form of catch and release regulations, it mine as well be restricted as a fly fish only water as almost all the good trout waters in Maine are (making it a lot less likely those giant legal trout will be taken). It also keeps the riff raff out. Rant concluded, and I apologize for any ruffled feathers.
  6. Just voiced my thoughts... Thanks Joe for spreading the word... I started fishing the Naches and Tieton with my grandparents 45 years ago... Yes to catch and release! The Naches is priceless and must remain that way!
  7. I supporting helping the Naches River, having fished it for the last 30 years. However, it seems that there will be no effective change if the Game Wardens are not there to protect it. And if they do spend more time there, it will mean that they can't be in other important areas. One last thought, the Naches will never be a Yakima, the American River will never even come close to being as good as the Naches. It's a nutrient poor system. I don't think it is a priceless as some people would want to believe, nor does it get fished as much as one might think. We, as fly fishermen and women, need to consider how our sports has always attracted "exclusivity" and how that might effect younger generations. Try telling a 5 year old they have to release the fish they just caught.
  8. Thanks for your work on this Joe, and for letting us know we have an opportunity to weigh in.