A Dirty Trick for Catching Trophy Trout

July 18, 2017

Well I can't say that I am proud but I do this every once in a while.  Its basically a "bobber and a jig" on a fly rod and can be incredibly effective for big trout that prefer to ambush baitfish or "critters" rather than chase them.  My preferred methods for catching fish are dry fly fishing, dry droppers, swinging streamers, stripping streamers, nymph fishing, and.... this trick.  All in this exact order.  

I hope you find this useful and it salvages a day of fishing sometime with a nice fish.  It can be of special importance during periods of high and/or turbulent water as well.  

The setup that I am fishing in this video is as follows:

Rod - Sage X 590-4 (my GO TO for larger streams)

  1. Joe, Joe, Joe . . . "Jo-Jo," as you will forever be known from this day forward. "Jo-Jo" being the "sound" a bobber emits with the water as it Stares back at You," Hey stupid, I'm TELLING you there is a FISH ON ! Last year when I was in the (your) shop I reluctantly bought a set of these "thing-a-ma-bobbers" and every once in a while I "think" about "Doing It," but my common sense of "Decency" to the (poor) Fishes (life), brings me right back to Reality (Real Life) and I Don't Do It ! So, PLEASE, Just Don't Do It any longer or shorter or more . . . LESS is Good too, much less. And with that thought (long drawn out) I leave you thinking of IT! Dry Humor with a hint of Salty Behavior . . or? ps; mu "solution" has Always been to put on a short (or long) sinking poly-leader and swing those flies or Mend Line ! THIS not only makes it more "challenging," but is more FUN and rewarding! It TEACHES you how to be a BETTER FLY FISHER, a SKILLED one at that.
  2. i am a big proponent of "fly and bubble" fishing with a spinning reel on a 9'6" float and fly rod. Any additional suggestions regarding wet flies for this method. Particularly fishing lakes. Thanks Zel
  3. I have called and ordered things 4 times. EVERY SINGLE TIME I have had tremendous help and great service. I always feel like I am talking to a friend and someone who genuinely wants to help me have fun on the water. a huge thanks to Joe and all the staff!