Don't Forget About the Strike Indicator

January 14, 2021

With so many anglers jumping into "direct line nymphing" or Euro nymphing, also called about 10 other names, it feels like anglers are misunderstanding how strike indcators can be an advantage. Listen to this podcast and check out the video to learn more about using the right indicator, at the right time.

There are some key times that indicators are far more advantegous than direct-line nymphing:

  1. Fish are holding in long, deep, and open pools where they can be tough to catch with the short casts utilized by ESN style anglers.
  2. Windy conditions.  Wind sway can erode a tight line nymphing presentation, while indicators can hold the drift even in high winds.
  3. Long casts and feeding line over multiple current seams.
  4. Low Light - fish can often see the fly better from underneath.
  5. Situations where you can't get close to fish without spooking them.  Such as clear water.
  6. Certain conditions like hatches, or a rising river will encourage fish to eat flies floating suspended in the water column. "suspenders" aka strike indicators work magic.
  7. Much of the time however, Direct Line Nymphing will outfish indicators. Be prepared for anything and everything.


  1. Podcast 21 Thankyou joe i really enjoyed this blog. I've got alot to learn. I haven't caught a fish on the topo 5x i caught from you guys i will. I've bought all my flies from you guys. Listen to all your video. Plan on taking 101 201 class. Thankyou again.
  2. Thankyou podcast 21 i learned alot.