Don't go fishing, get fat and go shopping like everyone else!

November 26, 2014

The Yakima River blew up last night, bummer.  Just yesterday we had great fishing but the Forest Gump style rain over the last 48 hours combined with a warm front put our guides out of business for this weekend.  

Instead, put your stretchy fat pants on and have seconds of gravy and pumpkin pie.  Have another piece of pie to celebrate the Seahawks putting a beatdown on San Fran on their own turf!  Go Hawks. Then come visit us this weekend in the Yakima Canyon.  If you eat too much and can't manage to roll yourself off the couch. Have one of your kids fetch your laptop and wallet and do some online shopping with us.  You won't even have to put on a shirt and you can eat some more while you are shopping.
Let Us Spool Up Your Reels!
We have some awesome clearance items right now and that section is being updated every day, and I have always wanted to say this about or store in general... "I believe we are the best fly shop in the country".  For so many reasons, mostly because we have a culture of staff here that cares about you and your experience.  I was a box store shopping for gifts for my kids yesterday and after I got out of there I was so proud of our staff and business here at Red's.  While we aren't perfect, we always make it right.  This philosophy combined our knowledge, service, location, care for the resource, and educational online store makes us a contender.  We want your business and aren't afraid to earn it!  We also want to offer you another great excuse to shop online with us.  

$30 OFF online Orders $200 or more through this weekend only!

Upon Checkout:  Enter promo code "BEST" to receive your discount.
*excludes clearance items

We also ship all orders over $50 FREE, we pay sales tax for all Washington State residents!

  1. Joe, You're right about the staff at Red's......outstanding customer service. So, it's not likely the river will be in shape by Saturday?
  2. ...."stretchy pants" huh! May have to ask you about that next time Joe.Happy Thanksgiving to you guys and families.
  3. The river won't be in shape for a week I bet, it rose a TON today and is mega ugly guys.
  4. Any info on the upper Yak (Easton/Cle Elum) for this weekend?
  5. Kuzi, the upper is in rough shape still. It needs to get back down around 6-700 cfs at Easton. Cross your fingers!
  6. Thanks Joe.....was suppose to be on the Skagit tomorrow....but thats not happening. Have my new Winston 3wt MS that I'm just dying to try on the upper Yak! BTW, great wader trade-in deals :)