Downstream Dry Fly Fishing Tip

August 14, 2016

This is a good tip for fishing downstream.  Don't be afraid to skate the fly.  Save all your Hank Patterson jokes because I have already heard them all haha! Seriously, learning how to skate a fly on unpressured streams is a great skill.  I caught a pile of fish a couple of days ago by skating my fly back up to the surface after it had drown.  My favorite fly for this is a #14 Royal PMX.  Watch the video, it was all self filmed out of convenience for my fishing buddies that abandoned me the second we got to the stream. 

  1. There's a big cutt in that tail-out for sure Joe.
  2. Joe, I use the same technique and sometimes I pay out extra line using the technique you showed for extending the drift while steelhead fishing... I believe you referred to it as "painting" with the rod tip. Tight Lines!