Easter Sunday Nibble - Yakima River Fishing Report

March 29, 2016

A few of worked on Easter Sunday, helping all you folks that were fortunate enough to have the day off but it left us itching to catch a few fish, so Ashtyn, Kam, and I went for a nice afternoon post-work float. When we're not working in the shop... we're floating past the shop.  We launched at 20 and ended at Lmuma. 

While nymphing, all of us stayed with stone pattern nymphs and changed up our trailing fly throughout the float. I tried a peacock stone nymph as a trailer, then changed to a Hares Ear and even threw a worm for a bit.  The Guide's Choice Hare's Ear was our most productive trailer followed by a Black Copper John.  

We looked for rising fish throughout the float, and since we are entering the 4th quarter of the Skwala hatch the fish have gotten somewhat resistant to most patterns.  We didn't see any feeding fish.  All guides have reported that the dry fly fishing is slowing down.  Last week they were buying dry flies at the counter... now most are starting to buy small nymphs!  Since there are now Blue Winged Olives starting to hatch, a good tip that I got at one point was that if I see risers I know they are eating on or near the surface. If you see the back and tail of the fish they are probably eating just under the surface on emerging flies, BWO's.  If you see their head they might be eating Skwalas or adult BWO's.  

BWO Patterns
Split Wing Parachute BWO
Blooms CDC Emerger (works excellent for BWO or Caddis)
Olive Sparkle Dun 

While I will throw dries even without rising fish, hoping to catch one on the dry, the sight of a riser always has me switching to my dry fly set up immediately.  Never leave fish to find fish!  

Fishing was a bit tough today, but we had a great time and the weather and river were beautiful. It was a real enjoyable float. The next couple days fishing will pick back up and the weather is supposed to be amazing.  Check it out: http://www.accuweather.com/en/us/ellensburg-wa/98926/weather-forecast/336350

A few nymphs that I see the ol' veteran guides buying!

Olive Anato Mayfly Nymph
CDC Jighead PT (dropper under a dry fly?)
Gold Lightning Bugs

  1. Thanks Erik, always appreciate the timely and informative reports the team at Reds puts up for us out here on the river.
  2. It's what we're here for! Tug is the drug and everybody needs their fix!