Episode 17 - Fishing Report, Q & A, Rendezvous, and Bassin'

January 19, 2018

Here is a fresh Yakima River Canyon fishing report and some really good Q and A. You guys ask some good questions!  Put your questions in the comments at the bottom of this blog post.

 Also, I left some relevant links to the Podcast. I can speak faster than I can type, and you can listen while you are driving and working haha.  Plus you can't critique my spelling. Hopefully a few of you are getting use to taking in the intel through this new audio format.  

Products and Useful Links Mentioned in This Episode:

  1. let's get Joe and George Cook up on the Skagit for the catch & release taking the X rod through and see if they can not only cast but catch fish, should make a good video, your friend... Peter Dorn seattle WA.
  2. According to my trusty Onx maps a sliver of hilltop is public? Cant wait to give it a try!