Fall Fishing Tips and an Essential Nymph

October 3, 2017

Here is a nymph that will give your nymphing game a boost this fall season.  I run this in a 2 fly configuration that you can see on the 2nd video.  Most rivers (our home water the Yakima Canyon included) are running low and clear this time of year. This means that you'll have to be a bit more delicate in how you present your offerings to the trout. While we have some "hatch fishing" in October on select days most anglers will be spending their time nymph fishing.  

With fall weather typically being sunny, warm in the afternoon, and the water low enough to wade getting in the river and hooking a few wild trout on nymphs never looked so good!  For DIY anglers this is the time to fish. Especially the Yakima River Canyon.  Its at a perfect level for anglers to get IN the river and fish on foot.  

The Super Sinker Nymph

I fished the black this weekend and it gave me an edge. Both the weight and the anatomically correct profile put plenty of trout in the net.  Be sure to watch the 2nd video below, and rig this up as your "upper" fly or the one on the shorter tag.  


I prefer a yarn or New Zealand style indicator.  Smaller is better!  Your flies need to be able to move the indicator into the seamline that they want to be in. Don't let your indicator set the course, your flies should set the course.  Below is a strand of poly-yarn tied into a New Zealand style setup.  You can use wool or a tuft of poly.  

Traditional Yarn Strike Indicators will work, but be sure to keep some scissors handy and trim them down to an appropriate size for small nymphs.  Smaller is better, so you might need to experiment and use a comb to pick out the fibers and make them "puff" exposing maximum surface area on the micro fibers.  

  1. If you put 1 o2 half hitches in the upper tag at the surgeon's knot it tangles even less and dangles at more of a right angle off the main line.