Fall Fishing Trips // Yakima River Fishing Report

October 16, 2020

We are at the point in the year where covering lots of water becomes a disadvantage.  With 1400 trout per mile in the Yakima Canyon, try focusing your efforts on water that looks good and appears to hold trout because gues what; it is holding fish.  Work on being delicate and fooling trout that have had an entire summer's education. 

The reason for a strategy shift is two fold:

1. Most rivers are at their low point in flow.  This makes the trout feel vulnerable, especially on the Yakima where the flows go from 4,000 cfs to 1,500 cfs in about 30 days.  The trout feel exposed and a bit nervous.

2. Most fall hatches, with the exception of October Caddis, are small bugs. The various BWO's and Mayflies are not big.  Size 16 - 20 patterns are excellent choices. Small flies require small tippet, small indicators, and delicate drifts. Be stealthy!

This time of year is a good time for DIY rowers to handle this river. In the summer it is swift, fast, and quite unforgiving.  In the fall it's much easier for DIY anglers to put together a great float. 

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October Caddis Flies

BWO - Blue Winged Olive Flies

Missing Link Caddis:

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