Limited Entry Clinics at the Red's Rendezvous IX

March 14, 2018

Dear loyal followers of the "Blog",

We want to give you guys first crack at some of the events happening at the Red's Rendezvous IX that have some limited space.  I just posted some new and additional opportunities a few hours ago. As many of you know, Saturday of the Rendezvous is pretty chaotic with LOTS of stuff happening simultaneously and its fun to take in a little bit of many seminars.  The problem is its tough to get dedicated attention because of all the music, food, beer, and general mayhem happening haha.  It's a good time and simply chatting with other sportsmen is one of our top priorities. This year we are stretching the weekend and offering additional clinics, most of them FREE, on Sunday and even Friday night.  This will give you a chance to spread out over the weekend, fish, enjoy some seminars, and not have to try and jam everything together on Saturday.  Most of Saturday doesn't require a sign up, but will have some door prize raffles that you'll want to register for.

Rendezvous Activities That Require an RSVP

  1. Hi All, Was hoping I could be on a waiting list, for performance casting on Friday. I have booked a room at the lodge and look forward to seeing you all. Thanks for being the go to fly shop. See you soon, Sherril Johnson 206.355.7437