Fishing Updates

August 4, 2015

  Here is your briefing.  Short and sweet. 

Yakima River

The Yak is a rarity in the west right now.  It is still flowing at about 78% of normal flow and despite the water temperatures taking a big jump on Friday and Saturday, the cooler weather is giving the trout and anglers some reprieve.  Most anglers are fishing exclusively dry flies and depending on what guide you ask... the best flies might be big, small, black, green, or tan haahahahha.  I will give you a few ideas on what has been working for me though.  No bologna, I tell it how it is.  If I can't catch fish because I honestly tell you what I am using... then I am not much of a guide.

We are guiding pretty much exclusively on a "Hoot Owl" schedule right now.  We encourage the DIY anglers to do the same but you won't get judged or sneered at if you fish in the afternoons. 

NO DEAD FISH.  Here is an uplifting piece of news.  I have a few spots that I float over when the weather gets hot and look for dead fish.  These trout are usually the big ones that get exhausted and overhandled.  Last summer when the water got warm, which was not as warm as this year, the one day I patrolled for dead fish I saw 3 large Rainbows.  This year I haven't seen a SINGLE DEAD TROUT!  I personally find that really encouraging that everyone is taking better care of the fish.  The fishing overall has been outstanding this summer and I have a hunch that as the nights get cooler the hopper fishing will be insane. 


J Slam #10 - also carries a dropper really well if you are into that sort of thing.
Streambank Hopper #8 (cut the crappy orange yarn off)
Dave's Hopper #10
Moorish Hopper #10 GREEEEEN
Larimer's Yellow Sally (fished this on the upper river yesterday and it was a really good fly up there)
Tupac Stoneflies (I like the big tan and the smallest black)

Klickitat River Report

The river is in good shape right now thanks to the cool weather, the water is roughly 10 degrees colder than the Columbia.  As of last week, about 40 steelhead a day were coming through the fish trap at the mouth.  The WDFW still expects a return of over 300,000 Steelhead over Bonneville. Although we are below the 10 year average on the Columbia system, that doesn't necessarily reflect the Klickitat.  I like our odds.  If you like LESS people and NICER weather give us a call and we'll tee up a day trip on the Klickitat for you right now!

Come down and fish from 11 am to dusk, camp or get a room, and fish from dawn to early afternoon the next day.  Easy 2 day trip, lots of fishing and great use of your time.





  1. Are you swinging this month, if so what's the guide fees for your description above. Fishing in Ireland next month, so I'm interested in August or even November, October filled. Thanks Mike