Fly Casting Tip for Greater Distance - Sage SALT Fly Rods

July 14, 2014

The famous George Cook brought a quiver full of new fly rods out to Red's Fly Shop today for the staff and I to cast and test today.  We are darn lucky at Red's to be able to do as much fly casting as we do.  Sometimes we forget how blessed we are to have a location on the river and with a huge lawn in front of the lodge with targets that are always in the grass to shoot and cast at.  Because of this we have a staff full of awesome casters!

Today we cast several new rods including the new Sage SALT fly rod which is their new saltwater fly rod that is replacing the Sage Xi3 which has been my long time favorite rod.  I still love the Xi3 and we are sad to see them on the clearance rack!  If you are in the market, be sure to see our Sage Xi3 Clearance Sale and take advantage of this deal.  It might be a great way to go premium without the price.

Now every time a new fly rod comes out we are very critical!  We are because it means we are putting something on sale to make room, and we all love the current models.  I will say that despite my skepticism, this new rod is absolutely awesome.  It is a joy to cast at close range where Bonefish and other species might pop up for a point blank shot.  We had the Rio General Purpose Saltwater fly line and it was a great match.  

Tip for Bigger Distance and Power

Ok, onto the tips.  Now we have some pretty good casters on staff but George Cook deserves some props.  Especially when it comes to covering big distance... fast.  More distance, more quickly = more fish.  There are lots of other skills that casters need to have but this is important.  I know George well and he isn't the type of guy to go fishing and not catch fish.  Over the years he has traveled the world tackling various challenges and fisheries so when he gives tips, we listen.  We filmed a short tip about how to drop the rod upon the back cast to force a deeper bend into the butt section of the rod.  Here it is.