Fly Fishing 201 at Filson Thursday night!

April 25, 2017

Steve Joyce of Red's Fly Shop will be presenting a fly fishing 201 class at the Filson company store located at 1741 1st avenue in Seattle on Thursday April 27 at 6 pm.  Not only is this a FREE presentation, but Filson is hosting appetizers and beverages!  We will discuss some of the current bug hatches, casting techniques, and reasonable day trip opportunities for anglers in Seattle to experience.  Red's fly fishing guide, Eric Dalzell, will close the event with a short story and slide show from a trip that he was on a few weeks ago when angler Christine Fielding landed a 30 pound brown trout that is pending as a new world record by a female fly fisher.  That is not a typo - it does say 30 pounds!  Come on out and join us as two great NW companies team up to help you expand your horizons in outdoor adventure. 
  1. Being a reds fan from before REDS was Red's , I miss the days when there were fishing reports on this portion of the site. No trying to be critical but...... I have become dependent on you guys for so many things fishing and now even for gear and inspiration. And even if the river is a mess or not optimal, a more frequent input as to river fishing would be nice. Yes I am sure the river is a mess right now but some maniac is out fishing and I could be that maniac. Kind of like a single guy walking by a near empty bar, there is always a chance you might pull one out. Yes I do call the shop for input, but as a fellow small business man..... I think me being disappointed by what I hear on the phone has a far lower chance of me discoving how much l need those new Reddington waders I just saw on your site, than a short conversation with someone who is probably doing something else. Plus a brother loves to get traffic to there sight,good for the numbers. I feel like I am trolling you guys a little because as I look at my comments over the past however many years I am always suggesting something I want, which brings me to my next Ask. How about a monthly little section, what do you want from Reds , or quarterly . It may help people make this page or blog or whatever the tech dudes call it part of our fishing everyday,Who knows somebody may have a good idea you can use.We both know customers always have logical and cost effective ideas for"your business" HA Ha fishing for me is deffinatly a destination( like your shop and site). But it is also an opportunity ( like your shop and site). When it's not my destination to go fishing. ( that day/week) I am looking for a reason to go, what I find looking for the reasons to go is the opportunity. Might be fishing, gear, inspiration , likes or links even sharing with a friend who does not fish the sweet spot to spend a weekend with his new love that is out of the ordinary. What ever that looks like,it's good for all. I know the the amount of work and money and heart you put into this business, it really shows, still miss the old guy in the trailer,but I am team new Reds. Keep up the good work. p.s. A fishing report can be very simple, each one can be just a bit of info no need for a Hemingway ish masterpiece. Lem
  2. Agreed