Fly Fishing 301 The Final Step Adventure Class

June 28, 2016

I believe this to be one of the best, and most important classes that we have ever offered. Over the years we have tried different formats and approaches for teaching beginner's fly fishing.  We do a good job with our Fly Fishing 101 and 201 classes, but that only gets people so far. They learn to cast, set up a rod, basic mending, etc.  What really want, in our hearts, is to get them ON the river pursuing trout and catching at least "a" trout.  The excitement of having a wild trout rise up to eat YOUR fly is amazing!  Many folks have yet to experience this joy.  Let us help!  

The problems that we have all bumped into in the past is that the Yakima River Canyon is a tough stream to wade.  We have done lots of classes here, but its big, fast, and has well educated fish.  Newbies nightmare.  What beginner's really need is waters that are small, 
shallow, and have very uneducated fish. Seriously!  That is why we came out with this new format and destinations in which to host them.  There are many streams within an easy drive of Red's Fly Shop that have spunky wild trout ready to help complete your training. I truly hope that many beginners take advantage of the thought and time we have put into this program. 

Adventure Details

Call (509) 933-2300 to Schedule Your Adventure Class!

"The Final Step" is a wade fishing adventure class designed for anglers that have taken our Fly Fishing 101 and 201 classes and are ready to hit the river. Our goal in this class is for students to put their own gear, flies, and skills to use on the river under the guidance of an an instructor.  While this class operates under a similar format to a guided trip, the goals are slightly different and the instructors will teach a series of specific lessons while helping you catch fish.
The student to guide ratio maxes out at 3:1 and includes 4 hours on the stream, so it is guaranteed that you'll get plenty of attention.  Its a great value as a single angler, couple, or bring a kid or two along.  You'll also have the option to fish one of the many small streams in Central Washington on public land, so you will also learn exactly where to park, walk, and access these streams for future trips without a guide.  You will learn skills and a specific destination.

Where Will We Be Fishing?

If you have a particular stream in mind located in Yakima or Kittitas County please let us know upon reservation.  Because of the changing conditions and diversity of our staff, we often leave the destination up to the instructor.  They want you to have the best possible experience and will choose the stream that is currently offering the best fishing and "fit" for your group.

While many of the trout we catch on these streams are small, the adventure is not you will do this ON YOUR OWN.  Well your instructor will be there to help but you'll tie the fly on, make the cast, and you won't have anyone rowing a boat for you helping the drift.  


June - October the small creeks and streams are open.
November - May this class is on the Yakima River.

Cost and Details:
  • $300 for up to 3 anglers 
  • 4 hours on the water fishing combined with instruction
  • Bring your own lunch and drinks
  • Anglers will sometimes meet at Red's and caravan to the stream, or we may meet close to the particular stream on some days.  

Class Topics Include:
  • Line Mending and Presentation - advanced upon the 201 lessons.
  • Upstream Dry Fly Presentations
  • Downstream Dry Fly Presentations
  • Dry Fly and Dropper Nymph Combo Strategies
  • Streamer Fishing - strip, swing, dead drift. (on the mid-sized and larger streams)
  • Indicator Nymphing - various techniques defined and demonstrated.
  • Fly Selection - what you really need to know and MUST HAVE flies!
  • Wading Safety
  • Approach Strategies, how to approach the water and pick your angles.
  • Fish handling & Release
  • Gear - see what the guides and advanced anglers really use.

This Sounds FUN!  What Should I Bring?

Please know that we have a friendly shop staff that can assist you in purchasing anything you need with a low pressure style that respects any budget.  We sincerely want you to have a great experience and being well outfitted is a big part of your success.  

The beauty of fishing small streams in the summer time is that you don't need waders.  Just some sturdy sandals or wading boots (preferred), and either quick dry pants or shorts.  We prefer long pants because at times there may be some cross country hiking through sticks or bushes.

Most of these adventures will have you meeting your guide/instructor near the stream, rather than at our fly shop.  We encourage you to get prepared in advance by ordering online, over the phone, or stop by Red's the afternoon before your trip.  

Packing List: