Black Friday - SUPER DEAL!

November 22, 2016

First of all, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!  The fact that you get to veg out, eat too much, and surf on a fly fishing blog over vacation is pretty sweet.  We have an amazing deal for you that starts now and runs through Cyber Monday!  Its our RIO STEALTH fly line giveaway.  Black Friday, black fly line, it just makes sense!  Serious anglers swear by this line for spooky conditions, and you can get one FREE.  Since we're the exclusive purveyor of this unique product, our hope is that other anglers will experience the advantage offered by the RIO STEALTH line.


Every order over $100 is eligible for FREE Shipping, and an exclusive RIO Stealth WF5F Fly line. This line is for anglers fishing in conditions that require a very sneaky presentation.  It is the RIO Gold line, in black, built exclusively for Red's Fly Shop.  

Orders Over $100:

Enter Promo Code:  "BLACKFRIDAY" at checkout and you'll get a fly line, FREE SHIPPING, and if you live in the great state of Washington - we'll pay your sales tax!  You have to enter the promo code, no code, no free line.  


This is a very unique product, so we thought it was worth a blog entry.  Red's had this line custom produced exclusively for Red's.  We have heard from so many anglers that fish dry flies for spooky fish that we wanted to give them an edge over their quarry.  Well, here you go!  Meet the RIO STEALTH WF Floating Line.  

$74.95 FREE Shipping! 

RIO STEALTH - Black WF5F Line on a RIO GOLD Chassis

If you want to have an advantage over you quarry, start here.  The RIO Stealth was born out of the dry fly angler's desire to succeed.  This unique line is built by RIO exclusively for Red's for intermediate to advanced anglers that want an edge over the fish. It is built on the traditional RIO Gold Taper which is excellent for all around fishing, but excels in situations where presenting dry flies beyond 25' is necessary. If you are just learning to cast, then this line is probably not the right choice. A traditionally colored WF Floating Fly Line is a better option.

However, if you are looking for an edge and want to remain in STEALTH mode this is an excellent product!

RIO Stealth Floating Fly Line

We all enjoy casting dry flies at feeding fish.  It may be the best game in town when it comes to trout fishing, not only because it is exciting to feed a fish that you’ve targeted, but also because it is a great challenge!  Fish that stick their noses up regularly are probably going to get caught a few times.  They are smart, so they learn their lessons and move into current seams and flats that are really tough to get a drift with any dry fly that will fool them.  

One of the most prolific sections on the Yakima River to find feeding fish is aptly named Frustration Flats.  Fish can be seen eating dry flies in that section more consistently than any other section, but they are also very difficult to trick.  The water is glass smooth, enabling trout to inspect flies with great care, as well as sensitive to riffles from casts that land with too much force or mends that were made to hard.  One loud step in the boat or a long drift that lines the fish and “POOF!”, the fish disappear for a few minutes only to start sipping further out beyond casting range.   
Instances like this are where the RIO Gold “Stealth Line” concept was born.  With a 47’ head, the RIO Gold taper is the one that we prefer for throwing dry flies at trout.  It is long enough that it lands delicately, but aggressive enough to turn over the big hoppers or stones that we enjoy fishing on 5 weights.  Seasons like we experienced two years ago with low and clear water conditions for much of the year may not be that uncommon in the future.  It was actually that summer when we spoke with the crew from Rio about building us a black line.  They did a good job of hiding their skepticism if they had any, and low and behold, a special box loaded with black lines showed up! 

While this taper is a dry fly favorite, it also creates advantages for nymphing, too.  A mistake that anglers sometimes make when fishing nymphs from a boat is to “over mend” the line.  Every time a slight belly forms, they mend it, which bumps the indicator, causing the nymphs to drift up in the current.  The black line is much less visible, so the temptation to over mend tends to disappear.  So for all of the reasons mentioned along with the fact that Rio didn’t build this line on a widespread basis, but as a limited quantity for us to gauge the market response, you should add this arrow to your quiver and judge the results yourself!  We’ve seen positive results this Fall and can’t wait to hit the Spring Creeks next season!
  1. On a bright, clear day it seems that this line would actually cast a more defined silhouette. I would think that a lighter colored line would work in these conditions; something more of a pale blue, tan, or even clear. Wouldn't it make more sense to match the line color to the sky or surroundings?
  2. Maybe you are right Cole, but no matter what color a line is the shadow will always be the same unless its transparent. I know there are some guys that absolutely swear by this line, and contend it makes a difference. Clear would be the best, but floating clear lines always seem to sink from my experience. Orange, Pale Blue, etc. all block light as much as black. I think the anglers that like this line feel like it gets passed off as a stick, twig, etc. Something they might see in their natural environment. You couldn't say the same for a bright color. I do use this line when I fish spring creeks and once in a while on big water. I think it would be tough for someone that is just learning and couldn't see their fly well, for an experienced angler their fly usually hits where they are looking so it would be much better.
  3. Any chance this offer extends past Black Friday?