G Loomis IMX PRO Fly Rod // Review

October 4, 2019

I'll mirror these sentiments in the video review, but we did a great job of getting the IMX Pro Short Spey Rods on the radar of our customers right off the bat.  We got busy and never did get a formal review of the IMX Pro Single Hand Rods done right.  This isn't a bad thing, as at the time of this review we've put over a year's worth of use on these rods. 

Powerful, Affordable, and Durable - Loomis IMX PRO Fly Rods



In short, these are very powerful rods that still provide enough touch to get the little "fishy" stuff done.  Their design was initially inspired by working guides that were tired of wimpy rods that wouldn't turn over double fly rigs, and would often break midway through the season. I started out with the 9' 5 weight and fished it with my guests while guiding but eventually fell in love with the 8'6" 4 weight for hoppers, hopper droppers, and demanding scenarios where punching a dry fly against the shoreline was required.  Most 4 weight rods don't have the rebound required for big wind resistant dry flies, often we need to use a 5 or even a 6 weight.  I personally prefer a #4 whenever possible because the line itself seems to hold a better dry fly drift.

While these rods don't have the weightless feel of the G Loomis NRX+ or the G Loomis Asquith family, you can tell when you cast it that it was engineered with equal care. This rod is a real sleeper at $495 and really doesn't have anything that competes with it in the price point. If you are looking for a good value in a US built fine fly rod then consider the IMX PRO. 

G Loomis IMX PRO 5100-4The IMX Pro has proven itself in our guide boats day after day.  They are reliable high performance rods.

The other favorite of ours in this series is the 10' 5 Weight. It's a workhorse and seems to gobble up sink tip lines and streamers, and at 10' its ideal for the wade fisherman that wants to cover big swaths of current but doesn't want to spey fish. We've used this rod extensively with heavy indicator rigs, big streamers, and one of our guides @yaktroutbum on Instagram has abused this rod since its inducation over a year ago. He's had this rod in his guide boat over 200 days with no breakage, and no loss in performance. This rod is a reliable workhorse.

Fighting Butts on the 5100-4 through 890-4

G Loomis imx PRO Fly Rod 5100-4 Noe@yaktroutbum loves the 10' 5 weight IMX Pro for Nymphing fishing.  The fighting butt comes in very handy when turning trout like this one around in heavy currents.  We also like casting an OPST Commando Skagit Head on it for single spey.  250 Grains is perfect. 

imx pro fighting butt

You'll find a fighting butt on the 10' 5 weight and the 9' 6 weight.  These rods are built with the idea of targeting larger fish and often using big flies.  

No Fighting Butt on the 486-4 and the 590-4 

imx pro 4 and 5 weightsThe lightest rod in the series is the 8'6" 4 weight and both it and the 9' 5 weights are the only rods in the series that do not have a fighting butt. These are your classic "trout rods" and really excel with dry dropper setups or big dry flies.