Get Out There! - Learn from this Sage SALT Fly Rod Review

August 30, 2014

I am constantly inspired by other anglers from all over that do some neat stuff. I'm not talking about some distant far away amazing place that you can read about in Fly Fish Journal or see on some Fly Fishing Film Tour production.  For most of us, places like Kamchatka, South America, Bolivia, and elsewhere just simply aren't on our short term agenda.  I'm talking about REAL people fishing their home waters after work, before work, on their day off, or simply trying to squeeze the most out of a long weekend.  Check this out.

Recently we shipped a new Sage SALT 690-4 Fly Rod and a few unique fly lines to a customer in southern California.  This wasn't your typical order (no Bonefish lines), so I sent him an email curious about what he was fishing for.  He is after Shovel Nosed Guitar Fish and Surf Perch!  This was news to me and I got very interested in his quarry.  The angler really likes the way this rod casts and has landed a pile of fish on it.  The other day he put 34 Surf Perch on the bank!

This may not be your typical "saltwater" fish but a 4' sand shark (aka Shovel Nosed Guitar Fish) will give you an awesome ride!

Fish Anything That Swims

Most folks have much better fishing near where they live than they realize.  I know that is true where I live, in fact, I haven't even scratched the surface on some of the Bass fishing for both Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass.  I vowed to do more Carp fishing this year and came up short on that.  I did land this beauty on a long delicate 60' cast that was honestly one of the highlights of my fishing season!  Will it wind up in Fly Fish America?  Ha!  Not a chance with a Carp but it was a great catch on my day off and it was the fish that was available.  If you haven't invested in a rod heavy enough for landing Carp or larger species, make this your year.  We have a great 8 weight single hand rod kit that we sell which is perfect for transitioning into some fresh new adventures with a fly rod.  I love fishing for any and all species.
I want to implore you to investigate nearby waters.  Maybe it is a like, Puget Sound, a small creek, or the surf and get some gear that will help you get out there and catch fish.  Even if they aren't mainstream species.  Also, we love to see unique pictures of Red's customers using the gear we ship out.  We genuinely take enjoyment in knowing that we are helping connect you with your fish.  Don't be afraid to email pics of your success!  Just handle all fish with great care, and if they are trout in warm water conditions don't take them out of the water.  Fish ON and good luck out there!
  1. Many Puget Beaches and points are in play as the coho run builds. Of note - Lagoon and Bush Point off Whidbey Island; Eglon and Pillar point south of Point No Point; kayak point in a couple of weeks (fish the bay inside and south of the rip on the point). I like low slack then fish the incoming. Lots of bait balls around. Watch what the birds are doing. They are your friends. Sage Xi series 7 weight with a 2.5 grain sinking line is a nice combo although many folks like the intermediate sink or a dry line striping a popper on top. Suit your fancy and watch the tides.