Guns, Bows, Fly Rods and Heroes - Yakima River Fishing Report -

July 15, 2015

First off, thanks for reading this blog!  It is so hard to get on the computer sometimes especially when the alternative is fishing... or chatting about fishing haha!  We really appreciate all the support and loyalty you guys provide.  It has been a good week out here in the Yakima Canyon and thanks to everyone that has been here on site, on the river, and shopping online.  We love what we do and its customers like you guys that allow us to fish for a living.  

The fishing has been great and the water temps are staying at bay for the moment.  The warmest we have monitored it so far is 66 degrees.  If it gets to 70 we are going to mandatory Hoot Owl hours which means mornings only. If you have evening trips scheduled for later this summer simply be aware that we may need to make some adjustments.  We'll be fine for a while but another heat wave might push us over the top.  For now, try to fish the mornings, fight the trout quickly, no glory shots, fish one fly only, and pay it forward so the next angler has a healthy fish to cast at.  We all want great fishing, let's share the trout!

An Honor to Guide PHW Founder Ed Nicholson

Last week I got to guide the founder of one of the finest organizations on the face of the planet, Project Healing Waters.  Ed Nicholson started PHW in 2005 while getting treated at the Walter Reed medical center.  He met some wounded vets and thought, "I need to get these guys out fly fishing and hunting"... Who would have known what a difference he would make?!  Project Healing Waters is dedicated to the physical and emotional rehabilitation of disabled active military service personnel and disabled veterans through fly fishing and associated activities including education and outings. 

Over the years we have supported their efforts many times and as if it wasn't enough of an honor to take Ed fishing, he presented us with a cool plaque of recognition that we'll hang in the shop or restaurant somewhere.  We are already looking forward to our next opportunity to serve our veterans in any way we can.  Thanks to all who have enlisted for the good of our country!

The fishing was great with Ed and his buddy Don, we started early in the morning as we have been doing often times.  We fished all dry flies and had a good day.  Our best pattern mid-morning as the sun came up was a Stalcup's Hopper.  It is a good fly especially in direct sunlight for some reason.

Rods, Bows, and Guns!

Another one of my guide days this last week, we got all sorts of toys out.  We do a lot of cool stuff out here at Red's/CRR and have put together a great archery range including a stellar 3-D Archery course.  You crossover sportsman that love bowhunting and fly fishing are dying right now!  You mean I can take my family to Canyon River Ranch and bring my shotguns, bows, and fly rods?  Yes.  The family will self entertain at the pool while you go shoot arrow after arrow into the life sized Grizzly Bear target and Bull Elk.  It is a great opportunity to fling a ton of arrows at great targets for very little $$.

We took both the bows and guns up on the course.  A couple of us focused on archery while the other guys burned more gun powder.

Archery Range Fees, Details, and an Upcoming Shoot

You can come shoot anytime.  We have a great practice range to do some work on your form and setup, and then you can hit the 3-D course that is setup full time.  We have 10 targets on the course full time, and are now hosting some organized 40 target shoots called.. ."The Mutton Buster" haha!  Here is our iconic target.  It is a steel silhouette of a Bighorn Ram perched up on a bluff with only the vitals being soft foam.  If you miss the vitals, BAM!  Broken arrow.  It is a good test of nerves especially when your arrows are $15 a pop!

Range Fees:

How does it work?  Just stop into Red's, check-in, pay your fee, sign a waiver, and go shoot till your arm feels like its going to fall off.  The archery range is on the same turf as the sporting clays course, so it works out great.  Steep terrain, natural setting, and the best hunting practice around.  Finish with a burger and a beer back at Canyon River Grill!

$15 - Range Day Fee
$100 - Annual Membership
$500 - Lifetime Membership - has a bunch of perks including all organized shoot fees waived, some shot coaching, and support on learning to shoot better.  If you live in the area, this is a no-brainer.

Please e-mail with any questions!