Hot Skwala Dry Fly - Solitude Bullethead Skwala

March 9, 2015

So the hatch sprung loose late last week thanks to the nice weather.  I guided on Friday and did really well and fished dry flies from start to finish and put up a really good day.  I didn't post a report because I knew the river would be busy regardless and anyone that already had plans laid didn't need any more company.  

I fished two flies pretty much all day, the best one was the Solitude Bullethead Skwala.  There are some imitations out there, but this is the premium quality pattern that fishes unbelievably well!  The under belly seems to be what does 'em in.

  1. Looks like a great pattern! Are the fish still snacking on small offerings subsurface for the most part or are they really focusing on top now?
  2. Kyle, I really believe that the fishing pressure (thanks to the nice weather) will keep the dry fly fishing challenging. Normally this time of year it is cold, windy, and miserable and the fish enjoy a lonely river haha! Not the case, 73 degrees today in the Canyon with a handful of boats fishing dry flies. In summary, if you want to put some fish in the net you can fish small stuff underneath and do well. Don't be afraid to fish the deep fast buckets if there is direct sun on the water either.