How to Choose the Right Fishing Waders

May 3, 2017

This article and these posters were forwarded to me the other day and it is a really good presentation on How to Choose the Right Fishing Waders.  I really like how they split up the need for each type of wader.  The advice on how to choose wading boots was really good too.  

  1. Do the zipper front waders actually stay dry? Do the zippers hold up? I assume the zipper style waders are easier to put on and easier to take a pee?
  2. The jump to zipper waders is worth it, especially if you use them often. The zippers do hold up great and keep you dry, as well as the other obvious convenience.
  3. It stays dry unless you forget to zip it up and walk out in the water haha. I have seen that once or twice.
  4. Guys as it's actually very important to follow these tips in order to stay informed: -A stocking-foot wader is more versatile than boot-foot waders. Thus, you can consider purchasing such type of waders. -You should select the lightest wader as possible. A lighter wader can provide you more comfort during summers. -An insulated wader is required only if you fish in sub-freezing or near-freezing weather. -In a simple meaning, you should purchase the most breathable, lightest wader that is made by a reputable manufacturer. Source: