How to Stay Up to Date on the Yakima River

December 6, 2015

Hey loyal die-hards.  You guys never stop thinking about fly fishing do you?  Me neither hehe.  I want you guys to stay up to date on the Yakima River.  I can't always update the blog as fast as conditions change so I want you guys to use Facebook to stay in touch.  This is much more mobile friendly and it allows me to keep you informed. I'll be doing a lot more Facebook this spring regarding river flows, hatches, and what is opening. Its a great way to post conditions.  We have 2 profiles, one is for our "Staff" - this is where you will find us updating local happenings on PNW rivers and around the area.  The other one is our "Business" page which is more helpful for anglers in other parts of the country.

  Red's Fly Shop-Staff
Red's Fly Shop-Staff - Send us a "Friend Request" and we'll stay in touch with updates on river conditions etc.

Red's Fly Shop
Red's Fly Shop - "Like" our page to get updates on adventures, new gear, and general happenings that everyone will be interested in!

Here is a snip from the "Yakima River Flow Prediction" Chart.  Tomorrow (Monday) should be excellent fishing again but by Tuesday afternoon we'll be in rough shape.  

  1. Thanks Joe great stuff. The Facebook page is a great tip for us locals!