Improve Your Nymph Game with a 2 Fly Junction

October 16, 2017

Traditionally most anglers set up 2 nymph rigs with a "tandem" setup where you tie one fly onto the hook gape of the lead fly which is usually the larger and heavier of the two nymphs.  I did this for years and still do it at times, but over the past several seasons I have converted to more of a "Euro Style" setup and I can't emphasize enough how much more effective this can be when fishing two flies in the size 10 - 20 range. One big tied on the shorter line, up a bit higher, and on slightly heavier tippet.  The smaller and lighter fly is on a slightly longer lighter line, and this gives it more freedom to move naturally.

Productive Nymphs:

Heavy Nymph:  I like to run this on 4X Fluorocarbon and I like to run a #12 or #14 Tungsten Beadhead Nymph

Light Nymph:  This all depends on the season, hatch, etc. Most often I'll run something in the #16 - #20 range on 5X or 6X Fluorocarbon.  

Nymph Fishing Tippet:

  1. Hi Joe, can you confirm the tippet length for the lighter fly (coming off the main tippet at the junction) is actually longer when it hangs down than the heavier fly on the heavier tippet?.... Thank you.