It Doesn't Get ANY Better Than This!

May 31, 2016

Well there it is. 2400 cfs as we move into June.  It doesn't get any better than this. I won't take the blame if you can't catch fish but as far as conditions go you waited all spring for this. Low. Clear. Lots of hatches.  What are you waiting for?  Where is everybody? We have guides available and would love to get you into some fish!

Facebook Videos and Tips

The above video is just an example.  I am updating our Facebook Page from the river with live video feeds and tips. This is the best and most current intel, so follow us on Facebook or Bookmark the page if you aren't a Facebook user.  I am doing this ON THE WATER. I love technology. Most of the time.  

Fishing Tips

Pay special attention to the PMD's and other light colored Mayflies.  These bugs emerge much slower and are more vulnerable than Caddis and the trout tend to favor them if both insects are present.  I like a PMD Cripple or a Sparkle Dun.  If I had to choose one fly it would be either a Parachute or a Sparkle Dun because it tends to fish for other bugs as well. The Cripple is pretty isolated to specific fish and I'll use it when I find picky trout that I am certain are feeding on PMD's.  A Pheasant Tail Cripple #16 works darn well if you have a big selective sipper.  

We don't have the PMD available for purchase online right now (in store or phone only), but here is a shot of it with the real thing:

In the evenings you'll find fish feeding on Caddis and they can be TOUGH when they are feeding just subsurface.  When you just see a splash or a boil those fish are usually not feeding on the surface.  They are feeding subsurface and may only take a Caddis Pupae (beadhead nymph) fished quite shallow.  Emerger patterns like X-Caddis are a good bet and my favorite for dusk is a Peacock X-Caddis but those spashers will make you want to rip out your hair!

My 'GO TO' evening emerger. The peacock tends to sit low in the film and the antron tail imitates a skin or shuck being left behind by the emerging adult.  Elk hair imitates a flapping or struggling wet wing as the bug attempts to flee the jaws of a hungry trout.

Our guide team has netted some SPECTACULAR Rainbows this past week.  Quite honestly, the big fish will likely be a bit harder to find over the next 10 days as the river becomes clear but the overall quantity of fish should increase.  LOTS of bites right now.  

Trip Options

Option 1 - Guided Trips.  I just want to remind you guys that our guides are very friendly, patient, and grateful for the opportunity to guide you no matter what your skill set.  We LOVE guiding and the fact that we can make a few bucks doing it.  Thank you to everyone that supports us.  You can book a single day Full Day, Half Day, or Twilight Highlight Trip that includes lodging.  We would love to teach, row, and laugh with you for a day.  

Option 2 - Rent Your Own Boat.   Conditions are very good for renting boats right now.  Some of you love the adventure of rowing your own boat.  We rent well equipped fishing rafts with frames that are safe, fishy, and easy to row.  Our service includes all transportation all you have to do is focus on the fish.  Cost for an all day rental is $199 per boat and they fish 3 anglers.

We also rent personal fishing watercraft for $119 day that includes transportation.  You can take your own boat down the river and float right to Red's Fly Shop!  That is a great deal!

Option 3 - DIY Wade Fishing.  Where are all the wade fisherman at?  The conditions are PERFECT in fact they are about the best I have ever seen for wade fishing the Yakima River Canyon in late May/early June.  You can even wet wade right now in the afternoon, best to have some neoprene socks though.  Conditions could not be better for wade fishing. Get your rod, get your keys, get in your car.  

Option 4 - BYOB. Bring your own boat.  You guys know who you are.  Here is information on our shuttle service.  Our crew is safe, reliable, and here 7 days per week.  You can trust us to do the job right and have your vehicle safely driven from put-in to take-out while you are fishing.