Just Another Week in Paradise!!!

January 27, 2015

This week has been on the calendar since last year, and it seemed like it would never arrive!  It finally did, though, so we left the Northwest winter behind in exchange for the Caribbean flats of Ascension Bay.  This same group has been together for about the past 4 years now for the last week in January.  While the first two days were the chilliest mornings we've ever seen here (nightly lows around 60 degrees) it warmed up significantly today and the fishing followed suit! 

Overall, fishing for bonefish has been tougher than normal, likely due to the cooler temperatures.  However, the group has had some great shots at tailing permit, and caught some and seen lots of tarpon and snook in open water.  We always have a Cuda rod rigged up in the boat, and today we landed some big ones.  Other than that, the road in was bad, the food and lodge are great, and the guides are awesome.  I'll give a more thorough report later, but I'm late for cocktail hour now, and looking forward to hearing the stories of the day!  We are highly optimistic about the rest of this week.  Some nice fish are going to be caught over these next 3 days!

The attached picture is Bob firing a shot a big tailing permit under Chuchos watchful eye.  What you don't see is the broad permit tail sticking out of the water about 30' away!

  1. Ahaha! My turn is coming up soon. You are killing us up here! One thing he didn't mention is that one boat landed 15+ Snook yesterday. ONE boat, ONE day! Are you kidding me?!