Just Touching Base with Y'all

January 28, 2016

Hey everyone, here is an update on a few things from around the PNW.  Hopefully everyone is starting to get their calendars out and at least make some plans for the spring that is inevitably going to be here soon.  It feels like its taking forever, but heck its almost February.  Time to be ready so that when that nice break in the weather happens, you can jump on it. 

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Getting Prepared for Spring

This is the right time of year to go through your fly boxes, leader supplies, evaluate that floating fly line that has been sinking haha, and decide whether this is the year that you will update some gear.  New waders perhaps?  Whatever it is, don't be afraid to invest in some gear that will not only help you succeed but it will motivate you to flat out GO.  Get off the bench this spring.  Fishing is more fun when your gear is organized and works the way it is supposed to.

For all you local folks living in the PNW, please come chat with us at the WA State Sportsman's Show in Puyallup.  We have various seminars today including a Bass fishing seminar ON the indoor river.  We'll also be teaching where and how to fly fish small streams in Central Washington.  As the weekend progresses there will be lots to see and do.  Leif and I will be there today and tomorrow, Jeb and I will be there through the weekend.  We'll have a few things for sale including a good price on HATS!!! Everyone needs a new Red's hat.  Yours is disgusting, all sweat stained and nasty.  Come see us and get a nice "going out to dinner" lid.  All nice and white haha, your lady will be glad.  

Yakima River Update

Currently the Yakima is in great condition to fish, but it may bump up a bit so if you are heading our way this week to fish it might be a good idea to check the river flows, you can use this link to see what the trend is.  http://www.usbr.gov/pn-bin/graphrt.pl?umtw_q

There has been almost no midge hatch, so the phantom dry fly fishing of January is still just that. Phantom.  Focus on nymphs of all sorts and streamers.  The team in our fly shop chats with almost everyone on the river and is more than happy to point you in the right direction. Plus we don't believe there is such at thing as dumb questions, so please come ask for help!  We love meeting neophyte anglers because you are the ones we can provide the most help to.  It gives our lives some worth!  

As the winter subsides, look for the fishing to pick up intensity into Feburary and if you are booking one our famous Skwala Special Trips... book soon!  The lodge will fill up.  Its such a great deal.  

  1. Hey Joe would you send me an email to my email address. I would like to talk off line if it not too much problem. Mike from Moses Lake