NOW BOOKING! - Klickitat River Deluxe Riverside Camp

August 8, 2016

Its back by popular demand.  Ten years ago Red's started offering riverside tent camp accommodations on the now world famous Klickitat River.  Since that time we have partnered with a couple of different lodging operations, but have decided to get back to our roots and put our operation back on the water like we did from 2006-2008.  There is simply no substitute for having an operation on the water. 

Camp Highlights:

  • Strategic Location - You will often float right into camp! You'll have appetizers, cocktails, and a hot meal waiting for you while still wearing waders!
  • Long Fishing Days - Our guides fish long days when working out of a camp. We're staying on the river too so we may as well fish!
  • Heated Dining Tent
  • Heated Wader Drying Tent
  • Contemporary 6 Person Tents - Sleeps 2 anglers.  
  • Propane Heat 
  • Campfires 
  • Great Food - Same chefs we have had for the last 7 seasons
  • Comfortable Padded Cots
  • Good Wade Fishing at Camp
Many have missed the romance of a riverside camp experience.  We recently finalized our permits and private property agreement in a strategic location between the famous Slide Boat Launch and the Icehouse Boat Launch.  This is going to make our guests itineraries efficient, fun, and very comfortable.  At least one day you will float right into camp at dinner time!  We'll maximize fishing time and have a very well appointed camp.  You'll be dry, comfortable, and this location will absolutely MAXIMIZE your fishing time!  
"Our camp guides fish long hard days, work tirelessly, and will make your Steelhead
 trip the best it can possibly be.  Our deluxe riverside camp operation will feature propane heat, high quality padded cots, spacious double occupancy tents, amazing camp cooking, and fresh bedding available for guests flying into fish with us.  Combine all this with some of the best scenery and steelhead fishing in the Lower 48 States for an adventure to remember!"  
Joe Rotter - Head Guide @ Red's Fly Shop

There is nothing better than going to sleep and waking up the sound of a whispering river.  The camp allows us to fish long days and you'll be able to wade fish at camp upon arrival, and you'll get lots of access to other fishing access within minutes of camp for a "pre guide trip adventure".  We'll have amazing food and "the ladies from Klickitat" will be cooking as usual, so you know the food service will be excellent.  The camp will be much more "contemporary" than our old camp with propane heat, solar lanterns, furniture, a hot shower, and more modern camp gear than we historically used.  We're focused on a very high quality experience and look forward to hosting your group for a few days of chasing both Steelhead and Salmon on the Klickitat River!  

We can accommodate up to 10 anglers in camp and love to host groups.  Our guide team does a great job of mixing up the anglers with various guides each day and it is big fun!
Available Dates:
September 16th and 17th - 4 anglers
September 18th - 22nd - Up to 8 anglers
September 26th - 30th - 2 or 4 anglers
October 3rd and 4th - Up to 8 anglers
October 8th - 19th - Up to 8 anglers
October 23rd - 27th - Up to 8 anglers
October 28th - 30th - Up to 4 anglers
October 31st - November 1st - Up to 8 anglers
November 4th - 6th - Up to 6 anglers
November 8th - 11th - 2 or 4 anglers
November 10th - 11th - 2 or 4 anglers
Cost for Multi-Day Klickitat River Adventures
2 Days, 2 Nights - $945 per angler.
3 Days, 3 Nights - $1345 per angler.
4 Days, 4 Nights - $1745 per angler.
5 Days, 5 Nights - $2145 per angler.
*Prices based on Double Occupancy (an even number of anglers).
Single Angler Rates
2 Days, 2 Nights - $1355 per angler.
3 Days, 3 Nights - $2255 per angler.
4 Days, 4 Nights - $3055 per angler.
5 Days, 5 Nights - $3855 per angler.
*If you currently have an Overnight Trip scheduled with us for this fall, please follow the instructions at the bottom of this newsletter.

Instructions for Existing Reservations:

Many of you made reservations with the intention of staying with us off the river at the old lodge.  Since we have elected to move our operation riverside, we need confirmation of this itinerary change.  All the pricing will remain the same and we assure you this new camp operation will be VERY comfortable.  We're in the process of reaching out to all of our guests, but your response here is required.
1.  If you understand the new itinerary and plan to keep your reservation as scheduled, please e-mail and let her know that your party is "good to go!"  If you are flying in and need sleeping bags and pillows, please let us know and our staff will provide them.  Click here for more information and access to our packing list.
2.  If you would like to keep your fishing dates but arrange your own lodging, e-mail and let her know that you'll keep your fishing as scheduled, but plan to make your own lodging and dining arrangements.  Any deposits can be applied toward the cost of a single day float trip at $575 per boat.
  1. Hello! I am interested in booking September 16 and 17 for my husband and I. Please let me know what deposit is required and what we need to bring. Thank you! Lauree 206-659-2476
  2. If you are serious about getting into the steelhead arena with a fly rod. Or are already into pursuit of steelhead with a fly, and want to have a superb angling experience on an special river. Book this today! The guides at Reds are top notch and work hard to help you connect with the hard fighting steelhead and salmon this river offers. I have been guided by Red guides several times on this water, the first time was in the tent camps being offered. And I can tell you to has been my best fishing trip ever!