Klickitat River Steelhead Dates Available! - Yakima River Fishing Report

September 11, 2015

Here is a quick update on what is happening and about to happen on our two home waters, the Yakima River (see the bottom of the report) and the Klickitat River.  Before you do so, give thanks for living in the greatest country on earth and don't forget that it is 9/11 today and remember the fallen.  Now let's enjoy our freedom!

IS THIS YOUR YEAR TO FINALLY DO THE KLICKITAT?!  Make it happen.  (509) 933-2300.

I went down to the Klickitat yesterday to prepare our partner lodge, the Mt. Adams Lodge, for our big kick-off next week as we begin our 6 week "steelheadathon" offering deluxe food, lodging, and guided fly fishing trips for steelhead and Chinook.  A few of our guides have been putting in some days already this season but our focus is during PRIME TIME as both the Chinook and Steelhead begin pouring into the upper reaches of the Klickitat.  

Fish counts for Fall Chinook are about 40% over the 10 year average at this time!  The Steelhead run is very close to the 10 year average, and as an additional note the Klickitat can receive a disproportional share of the run over Bonneville.  It is a very consistent producer in comparison to many other Columbia River tributaries. Based on the success we have had already this year things are looking good!  Here is an average Chinook from late September, BRIGHT BRIGHT BRIGHT!

The Klickitat Lodge is very well appointed and the food is fantastic.  The 3 Day/3 Night trips are the most popular with our long time guests.

Steelhead are the main quarry here and the scenery is fantastic.  Our guides us a combination of techniques to put fish in the boat and utilize both single hand rods and spey rods as well.  Scroll Through the Slide Show Below!
Klickitat River Steelhead

Klickitat River Multi-Day Trip Dates Available:

Just fair warning, we are booked tight and these will go fast.  Please be prepared to make a 50% deposit and each group member will need to make their own deposit/payment.

Basic Itinerary:  You will arrive at the lodge the night before your first day of fishing and appetizers/dinner is served at 7 pm.  You'll fish 2-5 days depending on your itinerary and depart after fishing on your last day.  

Space Available:
  • September 21/22 - Up to 6 anglers
  • October 5/6 - Up to 6 anglers
  • October 24/25 - Up to 4 anglers
  • October 26-28 - Up to 8 anglers
  • October 29/30 - Up to 4 anglers
  • October 31 - November 2 - Up to 8 anglers
  • November 7-9 - Up to 8 anglers
  • November 11-13 - Up to 8 anglers
  • November 14-15 - Up to 6 anglers

Cost for Multi-Day Klickitat River Adventures

  • 2 Days, 2 Nights - $945 per angler.
  • 3 Days, 3 Nights - $1345 per angler.
  • 4 Days, 4 Nights - $1745 per angler.
  • 5 Days, 5 Nights - $2145 per angler.
  • Prices based on Double Occupancy (an even number of anglers).

Single Angler Rates

  • 2 Days, 2 Nights - $1355 per angler.
  • 3 Days, 3 Nights - $2255 per angler.
  • 4 Days, 4 Nights - $3055 per angler.
  • 5 Days, 5 Nights - $3855 per angler.

Trips Include

  • Lodging, Standard Occupancy is 2 per room
  • All meals (including arrival night, excluding dinner on your departure night).
  • Guided Fly Fishing
  • Non alcoholic beverages
  • All Flies and Accessories (leader, tippet, etc.)
  • Any Needed Fishing Equipment (8 weight rods, spey rod, etc.)
  • Bring your own waders.
  • Fishing advice, lessons, laughs, and fishing stories around the campfire!

On the Yakima River, be prepared for a few things. 

  1. Small nymphs will pay the bills for anglers that simply NEED to put a few fish in the net.

WD-40 Black #18 is hot, but a mix of anything titled WD-40 in the 18-22 range is the ticket.  
Zebra Midge - focus on black/olive
Brassie - This is heavy for a small nymph - therefore it floats UNDER your indicator and not behind.  Ol' School yes, Catches Fish YES!
Tungsten CDC PT and Yellow Spot Nymphs - Use this for weight.  I like the #16 under an October Caddis.  
Anato Mayfly Nymphs - These little buggers look so real.  I like using these when I KNOW there is a fish in that spot and he is refusing to bite my first offering.  #16/18 is perfect.  

2.  October Caddis are on the way!  This will happen in the next 10 days, pay attention in the evening time.

October Caddis Adult Dry Flies - Use this to pilot a dry dropper setup, and in the evenings make sure to twitch, skate, and boogie this around!

3.  Mayfly Hatches

This is harder to predict, but you should have a few #18 Split Wing BWO Baetis ready to go.  If you see the fish rising and feeding, take them one at a time. Don't flock shoot!  Work on one drift until you get that drift and get it right!

  1. What areas are favorable for DIY wade fishing on the Klickitat?
  2. Going to the Klickitat river to fish for steelhead , what flies are my best bet to fish with?
  3. Hi guys, Steve - the best access is the section of highway above and below the town of Klickitat. My suggestion is to drive the highway there and eye ball a piece of water that is unoccupied that you like. Nathan - it depends on your preference of fishing swinging flies or nymphs. For swinging my personal favorite is a black/chartreuse loop leech or a Hoh Bo spey. You can see both of these on our online store. For indicator nymphing I like an Agent Onyx and a Glo Bug (yarn egg pattern). Thanks and good luck!
  4. The Oct. caddis/#16-18 pt/#18-20 zebra or gray midge with a light indicator was magic yesterday in well-oxygenated, 3-5ft-deep riffles. I waded around from 4-7:30pm and absolutely slayed it. I noticed that I got almost no takes in riffles that had likely been fished recently, but anywhere that took a stout bit of wading to reach was an automatic fish every time.
  5. Derin, That is great intel and thank you for sharing. Much appreciated and your description about "a stout bit of wading" is a great analogy for the type of water everyone should be looking for. Joe
  6. Fall fishing and no updated fishing report from the shop that is 100 yards from the river? Been two weeks - what are the conditions - hatches - activity?
  7. Fred, I'm on it. Will post today.
  8. Joe, What do you wear for your night "fishing"?