Klickitat River Steelhead Dates Available

August 17, 2014

We want to invite you to come fish steelhead with our staff this fall on the Klickitat River.   We get a mix of Chinook and Steelhead and this trip is of nationwide fame.  Many of our guests on this trip come from far parts of the country, it is that good.  Chances are if you are reading this blog you live within a reasonable distance of this trip!  You have no excuse not to come and the guys from back east right are in shock that you are even debating whether or not to go!  It is a really fun trip.

A Few Shots from the Klickitat River 2013 

We have some single day trips available here and there, but we would really like you to enjoy 3 days/3 nights fishing and staying with our staff at the Mt. Adams Lodge.  We have partnered with them this year to provide the best combination of guided services, food, and accommodations.  The setting is beautiful, it is litterally at the foot of Mt. Adams just a short drive from our most popular access point on the upper end of the Klickitat River.  Guests on these trips will enjoy long fishing days, great food, clean and cozy lodging, and the social atmosphere in the great room is awesome.

Klickitat River Highlights from 2012 - (there was too much footage from 2013 to even try and do a compilation!)

Klickitat River Multi-Day Trip Dates Available:

October 11 - 13th - up to 6 anglers
October 18 - 20th - up to 6 anglers
October 26th - 31st - up to 8 anglers
November 1st - 3rd - up to 6 anglers
November 8th - 14th - up to 8 anglers
November 15th - 16th - up to 4 anglers
November 17th - 20th - up to 8 anglers

Your Klickitat River Multi-Day Itinerary

You will arrive at the lodge the night before your first day of guided fishing. This is a fun evening! You will arrive by 7 pm and a wonderful spread of appetizers, dinner, and desert will be awaiting your group. The guides will be there to help you string up rods, give fishing reports, advice, talk strategy, and get ready to hit the water early the first morning!

Arrival Day:  You will check-in and have dinner the evening before your first day of fishing

Day 1: Our breakfast cook will have a community breakfast ready at a pre-scheduled time and then it is off to the river! Our trips include 9+ hours of solid fishing and you will have lunch on the river. After arriving back at the lodge, the waders come off and appetizers are served followed by a GREAT dinner and desert... big fun!

Day 2: Repeat of Day one, catch some fish, eat some lunch, and depending on your itinerary... repeat dinner along with another day of fishing or head home after fishing day two.
Day 3: Now you are dialed in! Everyone always seems to fish their best on Day 3 and put some fish in the net. Same routine this day, breakfast, fishing, and then depart in the afternoon unless you are staying for a 4th day of fishing.

Day 4: Why not? You drove or flew all this way to get here! Let's fish long, hard, and catch some steelhead.

Cost for Multi-Day Klickitat River Adventures:

2 Days, 2 Nights - $945 per angler.
3 Days, 3 Nights - $1345 per angler.
4 Days, 4 Nights - $1745 per angler.
5 Days, 5 Nights - $2145 per angler.
Prices based on Double Occupancy (an even number of anglers).

Single Angler Rates:

2 Days, 2 Nights - $1355 per angler.
3 Days, 3 Nights - $2255 per angler.
4 Days, 4 Nights - $3055 per angler.
5 Days, 5 Nights - $3855 per angler.