Looking Good for this Next Week - Yakima River Report

December 4, 2014

Howdy anglers.  Many of you desperate die hards, like me, have been itchin' to get back on the water after these nasty little cold snaps that we have had.  Well here is your time.  It won't warm, but it will be fishable and there are some trout to be had.  The ice flow that visited us a couple days ago is long gone, and things are looking pretty good for the next 10 days in the Yakima Canyon.  Come get your fix.

The night time lows are the most critical factor in determining if winter fishing will be worthwhile.  High 20's are ok, if it is in the teens at night - no bueno.  Things look alright for you junkies that own good gloves!  See you out here this upcoming week.

Our Go-Vember special rates are now over, but this is a good time to wade fish for a couple hours or sign up for our Winter Rate guided trip at $350 per boat.  It includes lunch and we fish the warmest part of the day, 10 am till about 3:30 pm or so.  

Fish the slow deep buckets and target water that is at least 3-4' deep and not much faster than walking speed.  Sink tips with sculpin will do it for the guys that don't mind a few less fish but want them on a tight line.  Trout spey guys should be hucking RIO Versileaders 7.0 ips with small bugger type flies.  Be patient and stick with it!  

Winter Streamer List

Thin Mint Bugger (Twin Lakes) - GREAT trout spey fly!
Dolly Llamma - Tough to Cast on Trout Spey - but DEADLY on big fish
Morrish Sculpin - Good for single hand fishing on a sink tip
Sculpzilla - All sizes and colors, #8 is great for trout spey, #4 single hand rod only
Mini Loop Sculpin - Ok for trout spey, good for single hand too on a sink tip.

Some Switch Rod/Streamer Fishing Tips

Winter Nymph List
BH Olive WD-40 #16-20 (smaller is better, this would be my top pick for a one fly contest right now)

  1. Driving over from Tacoma to fish the canyon today is it low for wading and conditions justify a day trip? Thanks!