Moisture On the Way!

August 9, 2015

The fishing has been great some days, tough some days, but overall it is pretty average.  Which is a good thing!  That means the bite is steady and predictable.  All guests are catching some fish on dry flies and getting plenty of takes.  Our crew is still fishing early  mornings exclusively, but hoping the cooler weather brings reprieve. 

Washington needs some rain.  While our water situation isn't as dire as portions of the southwest, it would be nice to get some precip.  Our favorite Meteorologist, Cliff Mass, has a great write up that I think you should read.

What does this mean for fly fisherman?

For trout anglers the rain means cooler weather, which means cooler water temps, which is good for trout long term and short term.  A freshet of water will also promote movement of aquatic insects in the river which makes for a better food supply for the trout.  Nymphs love to move when the water is mixing, but they go into extreme lockdown when the water is warm and stagnant.  The trout go hungry.

The Salmon and Steelhead NEEEEED some water to promote migration and protect them during their fall migration up stream.  While rain isn't snow pack, which keeps the river high for a longer more sustainable, it is helped and can help charge the groundwater, fill the sloughs, and provide encouragement for the migrating spawners.  

Overall, its a great forecast for August and we're glad to have cool moist weather inbound.  "even Eastern Washington is going to get in on the action" hahaha.