Naches River Conservation Measure - URGENT!

September 19, 2014

Angling friends and allies,

This is a critical turning point right now in the future of quality fly fishing in Central Washington. For several years we have been working on WDFW to try and get Catch-and-Release management on the Naches River above Rattlesnake Creek. It failed last year and I won't let that happen again! 

The bottom line is that there are dozens if not hundred of places to retain and eat trout in this state.  The opportunities for catch and keep fishing far exceed the number of quality trout streams. THERE IS ONLY ONE NACHES RIVER. It is a very unique and special river, as a society we need to give it a chance to become something very special.

Just imagine if angler's in the late 1980's would have given up on trying to the get the Yakima River Canyon Catch-and-Release? Things would be different. A lot of us wouldn't even own fly rods! All the wonderful experiences we have had on the Yakima River wouldn't even exist. I won't give up on the Naches and neither should you!


Here is what you can do: - It only takes 5 minutes and may change the future of fly fishing in Central Washington!

  1. Click this link: (It should lead to WDFW Region 3 - Naches River Catch and Release proposal) If it doesn't then click around until you find it.
  2. Submit your info, and comment in favor of Catch-and-Release on the Naches River. You can add what you want but the WDFW actually vests a lot of their decision making in these comments and they read them. Every one of them. If you truly believe that Catch and Release management is the best for this river then lay it on 'em.

Thank you for support, care, and love for fly fishing and the trout!

Joe and the entire staff at Red's Fly Shop

  1. Done! the state needs more Yakima River type fishing opportunities! Great work Joe! I'm sure others are like me that had no idea of how to submit our comments to the WDFW until you posted this.
  2. Thanks Dan, the trout will appreciate it. While I am not against harvesting fish, there are lots of places to do that. Put and take lakes are everywhere and the WDFW spends a ton of money on these specifically for anglers that want to keep trout. The Chinook run this year is a good example. It is a perfect opportunity to keep a fish or two but retention of spawning age Cutthroat in the Naches River just doesn't make sense to me.
  3. this is what I Posted on the WDFW as my comment. I support the change to require catch and release from Rattlesnake Creek upstream on the Naches. My family and I frequently camp, stay at resorts, and fish the Yakima both with spinners and flies. We fish the Yakima under catch and release regulations. We would recreate on the Naches much more if it was catch and release as well. This would spread the pressure from the Yakima River as more of use also fish the Naches.
  4. Joe, I am not sure what a out of state resident can do, but I respect conservation of trout species all over the west. I fish the waters of Northern Cal and Southern Oregon, and I catch and release only with barbless hooks. Good luck and use the "Force".
  5. I'm urging all catch and release fishermen and fisherwomen to support Joe and Red's proposal for the Naches River CATCH & RELEASE per Joe's blog. The WSFW does not plant hatchery fish in moving waters. We're talking wild trout. Please take a moment of your time, it will pay us dividends for the future. Thank you
  6. Thanks everyone for the support, I believe this to be something we will all look back on and be grateful to have been a part of. I also like Jim's comments about diluting the fishing pressure. The ecological benefits spread beyond just the Naches River.
  7. Thanks for all your hard work Joe, the sport of fly fishing needs a few more dedicated individuals like you. See you on the river!
  8. Done. Thanks for making this easy Joe! BTW, we had an AWESOME time on the Klickitat this past Saturday. Landed two Steelhead and one King, hooked three more Steelies. Kudos to Steve as our guide.
  9. Done! A lot more of our rivers should be C & R!
  10. I have added my vote of support to the effort. I have nothing against keeping fish, but sincerely wish we had more blue ribbon streams in Washington. Expanding C&R is the best way I know of to make that happen.